Time to call it a day on the forum... Ish

I’ll keep things pretty short and sweet here but the gist of it is that after several years of heavy involvment here on the forum, it’s time for me to call it a day.

I’ve been less and less involved in recent months so was moving in this direction anyway, but a couple of recent “support” interactions probably sped the process along.

I’ll still be around and am not intending to quit the game by any means yet… but I’ll probably only be ok the forum a little every now and then.
This forum and the people on it have been a massive part of my life for a couple years so it’ll be hard to walk away completely :joy::joy:

I just want to say big shoutout to a couple of super awesome people:

  • @littleKAF – dude is a trooper, we joined up as mods at similar times but he took some time and showed me the ropes… Even if he’s using some backwards broken AF fruity device :joy::joy:

  • @zephyr1 – a true legend. Probably the one person who did the single most for this community forum. Much of the cataloguing and sorting and compiling we have today is on the back of his labours.

  • @Rook & @JonahTheBard – while not around as much, these two people have made me laugh and have such an awesome time.

  • @Dudeious.Maximus and @PlayForFun – while not official as a mod I know you guys are holding the fort down; rock on :))

Finally @Petri. For a long time you were shrouded in a bit of mysticism to me, and I suspect many other players here. End of the day I have immense respect for you to be able to front up to the community and cop all the flack for whatever decision others in the company have made. You’re a truely amazing bloke and I’m honoured to have served alongside you.

Anyways, I said I’d keep thing short-ish so I’ll sign off.

I’m not quitting the game, so don’t add me to that bloody list just yet :joy::joy:. And also probably not quitting the forum properly… Just… Yeah.

GuvBot Out.

Contact infos for those who want it:


alas, it was inevitable as we’ve indeed been seeing less and less activity from you. But hey, least it’s not a total goodbye :wink:

thanks for all your hard work, and hope this gives you tons more time to do fun things!


Thanks so much for all you’ve done over the years to make the community what it is. Not least of which was your advice just from one player to another.

Enjoy your time not scrolling this forum!



Gonna miss your presence around here, @Guvnor , but I understand. You worked as hard as any mod here, and that’s just not sustainable long-term. Don’t be a stranger.


Thx for all of your work on the forum @Guvnor :slight_smile:


Thank you for everything you’ve done for the rest of us!


and simple…
Thank you @Guvnor :heart:


Me and feelings and words…


The forum has been nerphed!


Thank you @Guvnor for your kind words and all your contributions here towards the community, it’s really appreciated. We are going to miss you, hopefully we’ll see you around here from time to time! :heart:


I’ll give it Seven Days @Guvnor :laughing:

Seriously, thanks for everything and enjoy the free time.

Peace and Rum :pirate_flag: :tumbler_glass:


I really didn’t want to like your thread. But did because it was so nicely worded.
You have been here like forever. And I remember when I first started in the game and I personally didn’t have a clue - I would ask you directly and you always helped with good advice.
Thank you for everything you have done for all of us. It should make you feel so very proud
Your time, your efforts and your contributions are greatly appreciated…
I now feel so sad. But fully respect your decision. Take good care of yourself ….


Thank you for your time and effort all this while. Enjoy your newfound “free time”.


Thank you for all your services and contribution these years! Take care


You’re too kind to me and I appreciate the kind words. While your phone lets you split screens, mine comes in different colors (and yes that’s colors, not colours).

If you’re looking for more to do to fill your time, I might know some places for help. :relaxed:

Thanks for your effort and content you shared. When I came in as a mod, I thought I’d help with more “standard” content (like beta beat) but that never happened - z was just so freaking fast. You did take that on and have left a legacy here!


You’re a legend Guv. Don’t be a stranger, stop by anytime please.


Guvnor we still need you to move all those complaints department threads! Sincere gratitude to have you on board and see you after the re-charge!


You dont wanna sort the old hotm family stuff out quickly before yah jones off…
Well take care guv sure to see yah aboot from time to time … Keep it groot :deciduous_tree::green_heart:


Go well @Guvnor I wish you well.


This made me laugh. I’m such a dork.