Time to Ascend Blue Heroes

Good evening guys!
I want to give me yours backgrounds on which hero to upgrade first!
This heroes are :Ariel,Vela,Thorne,Boril and Cap of Diamonds.This is the first time I upgrade one of them!

Yours sincerely!!

Healers always first, especially if it’s one of the best of all, Ariel.

Then maybe Boril while waiting for telescopes to ascend Vela.

Thorne? Leave him for the upcoming academy or dump him into Ariel.


It would help to have a better idea of where you are in the game. Do you have a good bench of 4* heroes maxed yet? If not, it may be too early to start on 5*'s. So, if not then Boril; if so then Ariel.

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+1 on the request to know:
a) what your here’s you have maxed already
B) how many ascension items you have.

Unless you have the telescopes and other rare mats to take Ariel all the way don’t bother with her yet. A 4* at 4/70 is better than a 5* stuck at 3/70.

In terms of the 4* heroes you listed, It mainly depends on what you got already. If you’re missing firepower than go with CoD. If you need some more beefiness in defence/ a blue tank, go boril.

In terms of the 5* I’d say Ariel > Vela.
While I don’t entirely subscribe to the “always do healers first” thing, in this case it applies as Ariel is the BOMB!!
Don’t bother with Thorne.

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U will never regret upgrading ariel in the 1st place. She is crazy awesome. Her mana buff will lit all ur team specials faster

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In my honest opinion, I would focus on Ariel 100%
Good luck

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Stop picking on Thorne, he is an ok 5* blue. To some he is the best they have

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I.m sorry i haven’t reply yet!

Ariel is a superb hero, healer, cleanser and +24 mana boost to the whole team.

Guvnor@ and nevarmaor i have max those Heroes:
-Melendor (+10)
-Rigard (+14) and costume
-Gadeirus (+3)
-sabrina 3.30
Merlin (+7)
-Sonya (+10)
Grimm (+9)
-Kiril (+7)
-Wilbur (+7)
-Scarlett (+14)
-Wu kong (+7)
-Gretel (+8)
-Neith 3.50
Jackal 3.40
-Cyprian (+3)
-Kingston 3.70
Also from 5* i have second Kingston,Grazul,Lianna,Mok Arr

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Sounds good!

Do you have the telescopes and all other gear to ascend a 5* blue all the way?

If so, I vote Ariel.

Even if you don’t, I’d probably still suggest taking her to 3-70 seeing as:

  1. You already have a maxed Kiril
  2. You already got a maxed counter hero in cyprian.

@Guvnor i have 13 telescopes!To be honest I don’t know what else it needs for ascension!!

Credit to @Oggiez wise goat bot.

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Thank you @Guvnor,You’re very good!!
You know I follow your conversations and you always give a very cooperative and talkative person!!You have a nice written word!
Many times from the written word you understand who the other person is and you hardly fall out !!

Yours sincerely!!

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Pleasure :slight_smile:

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