Time Stop quit working after I had a combination and lost the battle

10/18/18 approximately 0900 pacific daylight time.

I was in a battle and had used the time stop. At this moment, I had a large set of combinations and the time stop cancelled as if I had done my three moves.

Time stops don’t stop titan special attacks, just regular attacks. It’s likely that a large combo would have charged up the titan’s special. Is this what happened?

@hazard It was the final battle on a level. It was very close. Season two level 4 Hard stage 5 or 6 (cant remember)

Sorry - I assumed it was a titan you were fighting as I’ve never used a time stop on a map level.

Same applies, though. The time stops only pause normal attacks. Special attacks still can fire. I’m betting that’s what happened to you. You had a big combo, charged up the boss’ special, and then got killed by the special. Does that sound possible?

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@hazard Yes, it very much could have. entering into new realms in the game and get excited over my strategy. Thank You for your help!!

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