Time Stop & Proteus Not Working In Fables: Leg 15

I absolutely love E&P & have invested far more than I should have into growing my teams. I’m now, extremely unhappy. I’ve had absolutely no issues with Proteus’ special working all through Rare, Epic & Legendary, in all levels, until level 15, the last level. I’ve fought all of these bosses before & now, all of a sudden, his special doesn’t work?

Additionally, when did Time Stops quit working? I’m not at a level to make the TS, so I had to purchase them. I ONLY use them for events like this & if I have to. This is the 1st time they haven’t worked.

Since the last challenge, when I only completed Rare & Epic to level 14, I was quite excited that I had leveled up a team that could make it this far. Plus, read sooooooo many posts here, learning a great deal. It really stinks that on the last board, the same things that have been working, magically stop.

All the other issues throughout the months I’ve played, I’ve taken with a grain of salt; it’s a game. The extreme amount of $$ I’ve put into the game to just be locked out of one profile, losing my characters & alliance leader status, grain of salt. Paying for gems I never received, grain of salt. But this, this is ridiculous!! This, this is THAT line.

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What exactly do you mean by not working? Are the bosses gaining mana even though Proteus cast his special? What about the time stop? It only drains the mana and delays their slash attack by 3 turns, but they can still gain mana and attack with specials.

Is it possible for you to record and share it with us so that we can figure out whether it’s a bug or a game mechanics that works as intended?


Red hood minions prevent mana stopping


I suspect @Rfm has the right issue:

There was a similar bug report from the last Grimforest:

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I had this problem with proteus during raids…

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If Proteus isn’t working in raids it’s likely because you cast it on a cleric and they mana-shielded the ability or you cast it on a monk and they resisted the negative status effect.

That would be a fine solution to the problem, if I let her go off. When I go into the boss round, I make sure all of my heroes are lit up so I can it them at once. I use mana pots & vials to keep Red from going off, so I, supposedly, don’t have to deal with that issue. If, for some reason, she gets around me, I have Little Boy Peter’s to freeze her attack. IF by some odd chance none of those things work, I have Sonya as backup.

Like I said, we’ve all been playing these exact same bosses throughout the entire event & I’ve been using this lineup through 14 other boards.

But, it’s no biggie on the forum end. I honestly never expected SG to do anything about the issues. It’s just more of a wakeup call for me, to stop putting so much into the game, that I’m paying someone’s salary, literally. It’s time to go F2P & look elsewhere. I appreciate the fantastic people in the forums, but, does SG actually help with individual issues, when there aren’t 10000 people complaining?

We got into the game, as a family, to take our minds off of a loss in the family; great way to connect & take a mental break.

In raids nowadays there are so many possibilities/heroes…
Innate hability; poseidon; talents iff you add blind, inatis dodge etc…
I found my self so many times in ackwards situations… then i see the big picture…
Not saying that theres not a bug… but there are so many nuances right now …

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Is seshat protected on proteus block?

It’s a bit funny, now. I had issues last AWs where I couldn’t attack w/o a full team . Every time I attempted it, the game would error, reconnect, kick me off the battlefield & throw me back to my base. Everyone said it was an issue with my internet.

In any event, a few of us got together & played, recreating the issue I had previously. We could easily get MN to go off & see what you were talking about, however, that’s not what was happening. Between the 5 of us, the info we obtained ended up being quite interesting, across the board, since we didn’t just stick with Santa’s Challenge. You get a few data geeks together & it gets odd. :joy: Anyway, many things were quite obvious, some more subtle.

I’ll just be sliding over to the F2P area for a while. Waaaaay too much money, seriously shameful amounts, has gone into something I used to enjoy, a lot. There’s just too much happening with it right now. Plus, I would love to actually have control back as the leader of my alliance. It is what it is. SG has better things to do. :woman_facepalming:

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