Time player absent- Or when to boot?

How long do you allow an Alliance member to go without playing? I have been kicking members off after 25 days unless notified why.

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Depends on your alliance goals and if they’ve said anything about being abscent.

Personally I’d boot if someone is inactive 24h and havent given a reason.


Usually I boot after 21 days without notice.

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24 hours+

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About 2 days, unless they let us know; with some leniency during Holidays.

Honestly, every alliance is different. Usually we wait up to 7 days for veteran players, but for newer players 3-4 days is where we really start warming up the boot.


Thanks, appreciate the feedback.

Thanks, feedback helps.

Good to know what others are doing, thanks.

Depends on what expectations you have set. For our alliances, 2 wars or 3 titans in a row without notice.


==Put requirements in info page==

Every mobile MMO alliance I have ever stayed in, stated the minimum requirements in the alliance info page to prevent confusion.

==Set up a messaging app==

Set up a group for your alliance in Line/ Kik / other messenger app. If you accidentally boot the wrong person, you can contact them. Or if they forgot to tell you about an absence, they can contact you.

==Keep It Simple Silly==

Keep your requirements simple to understand.

Keep your requirements simple to track.

==Be flexible==

Be flexible in your requirements, especially for Elders and Co-leaders.

==Raid defense as a message==

Suggest players change their raid defense based on their absence:

4 heroes= weekend off
3 heroes= week off
2 heroes= two weeks off

Whenever I ran an alliance, I always gave a grace period.

Example: If my alliance info page said “Cannot miss two consecutive wars” I would let them miss three consecutive wars before booting them.

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If the player didn’t bother to inform the alliance leaders of going inactive, then she/h doesn’t respect the leadbored or the team work and should be removed after 24 hours.
Respect is the key of successful alliances in my honest opinion.
But this just me.

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I give someone 4 days of inactivity. Members of my alliance must at least say something in chat every once in a while, and they get just one war that they didn’t participate in. Especially if they sign on and give no explanation for not using flags.


It really depends on the format of the alliance. For example, our alliance is set at 14 days. This is based on our type of alliance which tries to hold the line between aggressive play and family fun. Here’s why we set ours at 14 days:

  1. Our fearless leader (aka Hubby) had played various games where the group he’d been in kicked players for being absent 24.1 hours. While he appreciated the aggressive nature of the alliance, he didn’t like getting booted for missing a day if real life happened. So, the time was more than 1 or 2 days.

  2. We wanted to have fun while building an alliance. High pressure alliances are fun for some, but as the leader, he didn’t want to corral the wild horses. So, we needed a lower pressure alliance.

  3. We wanted mature players more along our ages (I’ll admit to being young several years ago. Lol). We knew mature player had lives, kids and responsibilities. So, again, more than 1-2 days.

  4. We didn’t want our alliance to become dormant and die.

When considering the type of alliance we wanted, we landed on 14 days. Our founding members had a part of the discussion as well.

It’s worked well for us. We have a thriving alliance and rarely have to kick anyone. Our alliance just hit the 1 Year mark and we currently only have 1 slot open. (Hint: if anyone’s looking for a new alliance, hunt me down :rofl:). The open spot is only because the player is working 2 FT jobs and rarely even sees his wife. Lol.

Hope something in this helps!


Thank you, this helps, I have 19 members at the moment, having divested of 8 in last 2days for being 20 or more days since playing. Have tried to get input but only one person (the same person). I’m ready to jump ship myself since there doesn’t seem to be any give and take. At one point when we were pretty much all newbies I would post info:IE; how many levels buildings could achieve, hero levels, etc. , never got any feedback, I joined this Alliance early Sept and woke up one morning to find I was the leader! I’m 75 and enjoy a little competition, but as leader I would really like participation and etc. Sorry for the rant, I have begun to rethink this and will move on. Letting someone else wake up and be the leader. Thank you!

Thank you, makes sense, if only the members responded, I had this dropped in my lap one day - no discussion, no pre-leader, no rules, I was a new player myself. After reading some chats etc in forum decided I really am in over my head. Will change Alliance soon.

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at 3 days I demote…and demote one level each day after until booted.

It rewards loyal members who may have just run into life (I promote based on active time with the alliance).

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Sounds like you have thought out your expectations and come to a sound solution. There are a lot of great alliances on the forum looking for new members in the alliance recruitment threads. I would have a look and start a conversation with ones that sound interesting to you before jumping ship. You can also use AR chat in game. The number of adds in there gives me a headache though. Good luck in your future alliance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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We do the same! Basically 3 months of being there, hitting the Titan, participating in wars and being involved in chat gets you bumped up. Honestly, most of them I don’t think knows that an elder position allows you to change the banner and alliance setting. :smile: We just use it as a nice way to say thanks for being there.

@Alyssaann1014 mentioned starting a thread on the forums. I think that’s the best way to get recruited. The AR chat can get really busy and you’re only chatting with the ones that are there at that specific time. A forum thread gives you away to introduce yourself, receive offers from alliances and learn quite a bit about them before joining.

If you go the forum route, I suggest laying out exactly what you’re looking for (casual play, 10* titans, an alliance where you’re one of the top dogs so you can help train, etc).

You can also give alliances a trial. We’ve done it with a few - some stayed, some didn’t. If you state that upfront, then everyone knows the expectations.

Finally, definitely start a new thread for your recruitment. Forum user troll for posts from users looking for an alliance. You don’t want to get lost in the madness with the wrong thread title :laughing: And post a link here. I’ve seen posts from some users in this thread offering a spot to a lost soul… me included… lol


I am pretty sure that is co-leader, leader, only.

Just checked with Gryphonkit, my wife, who is co-leader. She can change it, but I cannot ( I was demoted to Elder after my truly epic rage quit ).

In other MMOs, I just Merced until I found a good alliance.

Luckily, my wife, found Twilights Bastion, so I did not have to Merc in Empires.

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