Time-Limit on Alli-Wars?

Hi folks, hey SG…

Since when there is a time-limit on the single fights in alli-wars?

And why it happens in such a surprising way?

Why not similar to pvp-fights - prepared by raised hit-points (no matter in witch direction) like in PVP?

I just had a really nice fight in alli-wars: I took a few realy hard hits, but i came back with healer-action, managed somehow to kill the tank and finaly took out one by one of my opponents little by little.

As finaly entering fictory-lane it happens to flash the numbers 10 to zero on the screen like in titan-battle and that´s it - i´m done, i lost???

No increased damage-points?

No warning?

Just sudden death?

Don´t get me wrong: Time-limits might be ok but announced on the one hand and not that short on the other!!! To name a number let´s say 30 minutes for each fight?

For example i would also like to battle a titan ´till my team is done once in a while - but that´s another story!?

cu goofy

Goofy - I think there’s always been a time limit in Wars. I noticed a few weeks after Wars were introduced. I got into an unwinnable healer-to-healer fight that the system finally ended. I received the ‘5 minutes left’ warning message like raids. Maybe you were so involved in the fight you missed it?

I suggest you watch for the warning the next time you are in an extended fight. If you see it - great. If not - follow up in this thread or report it as a bug.

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Yup there has always been a time limit for wars. There is also the 5-minute warning as well. Maybe you’ve just never noticed because the previous arrows usually finish off the attackers quite fast.

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Same time Limit in raids. first tie break comes and then 5 minutes warning.

it might be that i overlooked a warning…

it might be as well that i overlooked the enhanced damage-points…

but i’m quite sure i wouldn’t overlook both - no matter how hard i battle…

but i’ll have another look…

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