Time It Takes to Fully Ascend a Legendary Character

Does anyone know how long (off the top of their heads) it takes to fully ascend a 5* … I know there are many variables but just a ball park figure … Thx.

So many variables. :wink:

Are we assuming you have all of the ascension material? If not, many months. Also, how grindy of a player are we talking about? I started Sartana this week and have her at level 8 moving towards her final ascension. I would say I’m an above average grindy guy but not a superstar grinder. I never let my world energy get to full and have been playing 8-7 over and over and filling 1 camp with every backpack I earn and another camp using the rest of my recruits up on common training. This means every grind I get an assortment of 20 common and uncommon feeders. Food is hanging me up a bit now (5* ascension wipes out your food stock quick). So I give it another week till she’s maxed.

So for an above average grinder with all of the materials I’m gonna guesstimate 12 days. However, I have no clue if I’m doing this right, there may be a much more effective manner the more seasoned vets use. :smile:

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@Milkman thanks for the response. I am assuming player has the necessary ascension items. With that being said, and being on a mission to ascend asap, is it possible to do it in less than 4 days?

Yes, it is possible even in 1 day.
Big spenders not only do a lot of summon to get what they want (so, many heroes to feed through the gate) but they keep running low cost trainings for weeks never pick up that heroes in an eternal queue.

When finally they get a new hero, they pick up something like hundreds of heroes trained, and having a huge meat stock and all farms at 20 they don’t have any problem feed them.


@Elpis thanks for the explanation. I should just run cheap TG as well 24/7.

The XP needed to advance a legendary from fresh to 4.80 is 353,563. The time would be whatever it takes you to produce 1966 1* heroes of the same color OR 757 2* heroes of the same color OR 1093 heroes of 1*+2*. Provided you have enough food. :slight_smile:


Here’s what I have found to get a 5 star from 3/70 all the way to max 4/80 WITHOUT ANY HEROES STOCKPILED. If you have them stockpiled, it’s just a matter of how much food you can bring in.

When I only had 3 training camps (I’ll assume most of you have 3 training camps) before I reached SH20, I had two TCs running extra low cost (level 11) 24x7. The third training camps I did swords (common level 1 training) up through level 25. The whole time I was farming 5-8 exclusively (you want backpacks not swords from levels 20 or 25-80 or you’ll run out of food more than heroes to feed). Once the hero reached 4/20 or 4/25, it was backpacks exclusively. Farming 5-8, I never ran out of backpacks to train, except for maybe the last hour or so when I was asleep. Both Joon and Azlar went from 3/70 to max in ~6 days (each not total for both).

Again, that was without any hero stockpile, just using what those TC’s produced, along with any ancillary trainer heroes coming from chests, titans, etc. No trainer purchases.

I stumbled upon this just now:

Farm P1 S2H during Atlantis if you’re level 77 like me you need refresh WE about 15 times buying or using WE flask place all backpacks in tc2 keep farming same area even after Atlantis to keep tc2 from finishing you have to keep your tc2 constantly running and you will make almost 1500 feeders a month. Now it’s according to level of farms mine are maxed out so I can level a 5* from scratch to finish in 4 to 5 days

Wow !! Great way of necro’ing a 3-year old thread, the original poster may have already maxed the hero in question.

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