Time has come Players create a hero

Surprised you didn’t dump them in the soul exchange. Sargasso is a weird one. Developers not long ago said how much they loved the pirates but they didn’t buff them enough to make them relevant.

Holy hero named The Prophet passive always available if a season one is in the portal. Pasive always 3 times more likely to pull then any other hero in the poryal minimum 2 percent . Season one hero power Excumunication trade this hero and one hero you have for any hero in any portal . New hero will be the same level same stars same emblems as the excommunicated hero … next hero season one Name Green . Use this hero to turn any 5 star hero of any element to green . Blue purple red yellow hero same as Green

Season one trainer heros called change of each class . Feed it to any hero to change its class . … lets mix up this game . And it will make are dups more usable

I didnt have enough to get one I wanted. Normally those ones are all favourited so I dont feed them away. The ones that are not favourited are those I was preparing to burn, but I couldnt make it to 15. Maybe next time :man_shrugging: