Time has come Players create a hero

I believe the time has come that players should be able to create one hero. We as players go back and forth when new heroes release, whether they’re too strong or very underwhelming, and I’ve explained and expressed time and time again that balanced heroes don’t exist in the players’ mind, only OP or trash.

But here’s the big But you can create the hero but you can’t use the hero. You see now that changes everything because if you can create and use the hero most players would create the most OP hero possible but now since you can’t use the hero most players will make a very underwhelming hero maybe Envy I’m sure it’s probably Envy why would you want someone else to benefit from the hero you created.

It’ll never ever happen, but it’s nice once in a while to let the imagination go wild.

Happy Gaming


Very fast hero that kills all mega minions.


Been going since 2018.


On every April 1, just for that day, Dawa should turn into a 6* hero.


This is awesome, and im willing to bet that SG read it and used a few of those ideas.

The thread is a monster, I havent got time to read it all.

Wouldnt be against a new version starting here (someone can merge it later, if it starts to run dry).

I play a game ran by one of SGs sister companies, and they allowed players to send in designs for new characters and later turned 3 of those designs into playable characters.

They didnt pick the stats/class etc, they just designed the look of the character and then had their design team turn that into a workable hero for the game.

Still a cool idea. I bet we have many budding artists in this community who could come up with something cool.


Very and wonderful idea my friend =D

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How about a sorcerer. I have very few sorcerers. Far less than any other class. A sorcerer that blocks mana on enemies.

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I like it it’s so realistic a sorcerer should be able to do the likes of that

I would like to have this hero.


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Right off the top I bet the Chameleon helped inspire LoLo :rofl:

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Spam support with this message. SG arent reading these threads :rofl:

If you don’t like your Jove, I will trade you. My Poseidon + a Waddles.

I like my Jove,for that I write this😥

Playing hardball eh? Ok, I will throw in a Scoratek.

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I’ll see your Scoratek and raise you these 4 biffs

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Surely you keep Natalya as a “favorite” because of her immense potential, right?


Season one hero cslled Prisoner exchange . He can be found in tc20 power trade him for any hero in the current portal