Time frame you need to be back before war starts?

What’s the latest you need to be back in the alliance before war starts?

I don’t know exactly but I think that you can join even 10 seconds before it starts and still participate.

The way I’ve heard it is that you need to be back before the top alliances wars start.

So even if you’re in a smaller alliance and your war start time is two hours later than the 30v30 you still need to be back before the 30v30 wars start.

I haven’t personally experienced this since I don’t merc a lot so I don’t know for sure if this is right.


Thank you for a response, appreciate it.

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No longer possible since early this year. Twice i came back an hour before war and became a spectator. To play safe, come back at least 2 hours before war starts.


You need to be back when ever your timer says you need to be back by.

When you leave it tells you.

It no longer has to do with when YOUR. War starts.

( yes @Aeryn is correct by saying it’s when the 30 full alliance war starts. But especially if you fluctuate member or switched alliances it’s best to just READ THE MESSAGE THAT POPS UP when you leave and do that. You’ll be fine then)

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When you click ‘leave’ there is a pop up window and it tells you the exact amount of time you have before the war starts. This happens once matchmaking has been finalised.

3 hours before start.