Time for some long overdue polls RE: hero summoning and loot specifically

I can agree with you on that. I would also add that elemental chests lately have not been very generous either.

Regular monster and raid chests, I never held high expectations for anyway.

I’ve mentioned this before on this board. Seems like there should be seeding done for things like challenge event and ninja tower. First ninja tower I beat with only two fully ascended five stars (now I’m at 8). Seems like I should be in some fledgling bracket where I can complete for top score against players bringing the same set of tools, where strategy and skill is awarded.

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Totally agree on the elemental chests. You figure at least the 3* MATS would be more generous. But I always get at least one scabbard or tall boots. That’s enough to turn my strong rope into string!


Elemental chests should give food and iron bundles. It makes no sense that they don’t give food or iron at all.


Honestly I answered that odds are fine if they kick garbage feeders out.

I am a VCP but I know myself and obviously this is a personal answer… I like that many heroes are so hard to be obtained, because if I had them easily I would lose interest.

In this way I am just very happy when I pull Fenrir or Alfrike (what happened to me) with a single pull. I stopped chasing heroes long time ago, I could not looking at myself (again, very personal, not a judgement of course) if I threw bunch of bucks in the game.

And spending really a little of money I complete all the events (tower too) and I am in 5% always.

Only to explain better my answer in the poll.

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Also, I think there needs to be some sort of mercy timer on summons. Currently I’m at around 130 summons since my last five star. In ~18 months of grinding I’ve only summoned five non-TC20 heroes, not counting a few HOTMs. Based on the odds (1 out of 62.5 summons is typical for a portal five) I should have pulled way more. The mercy counter could be similar to the way elemental chests are awarded. Eventually the odds keep improving until you get one. Seems like with 1 out of 62.5 odds I should have gotten a five in 130 pulls. It makes the game super boring to have your roster get so stagnant. Maybe calendar time needs to be a variable. My last five was early December. So maybe it should be the greater of every three months or 125 pulls so someone can’t just keep cranking out 125 pulls to get fives there is the three month rule too.


great poll @TGW

i lol’d. maybe because my Kadilen just got her tonics. :yum:

and why do i feel like that is both venting and bragging? sigh

This alone would be HUGE QoL improvement IMO… even if I rarely ever pulled all the top heroes, I am so sick and tired of pulling the same Dawas and Renfelds and Friar Tucks over and over again… you would think that after playing this game for 2 years and 7 months, your summon portals would eventually stop giving you heroes that haven’t been useful for you since 2018… but no. Still pulling the same garbage. And still for the same price. Nothing quite says “THIS GAME SUCKS!!!” like waiting a month to gather enough gems for a summons, only to pull a @#$%ing 3* vanilla feeder.

I am sure that the game devs themselves are very nice people who probably don’t deserve to be punched in the face, but every time I pull another 3* vanilla hero from a summons portal… I want to punch one of them in the face.

Much needed disclaimer: I would never actually do that IRL. Just expressing my frustrations.


I, for one (and probably the only one) hope they never raise the unfarmable drop percentages. The scarcity of 4AM’s really make this game what it is. Folks have been complaining about this since I started playing. First HOTM was Zeline, so I’ve been here a while. Increasing the AM drops would lead to even more imbalance in the game. As it is now, the rare and sporadic AM drops keep folks leveling their 5*s at roughly the same rate. Some QOL improvements, which have been asked for for years, would be wonderful though. Certainly not holding my breath as SG doesn’t seem to really care what WE want.

I truly do understand that viewpoint, but at the same time…

The biggest spenders are still able to buy unfarmables.

They are cleverly hidden in packages that the normal everyday player probably doesn’t even know about and would never even think to purchase.


“Choose your own ascension” deals come up quite regularly at about $30 a pop.
Then there are the huge package deals at $100 each that come with included unfarmables.
The occasional daily deals that offer 300 gems plus an unfarmable or two.

…but wait… THERE’S MORE!!!

Every single day, there is an offer for random lootboxes that may or may not contain unfarmable mats, with the option to purchase at least 5 per day.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “nobody would pay $10 a day just for a small chance for some unfarmables, or $100 for a gem package that also included some unfarmable mats in it…”

Are you sure about that?

Lots of whales in this game don’t even flinch at spending $10,000 a year… that’s almost $30 a day… it’s entirely possible that those players are picking up at least one or two unfarmable AMs a day just from purchased loot… enough to final ascend multiple 5* heroes every month…

What you believe to be a “Great Equalizer” is actually just another way of screwing over the little guy.


To me the scarity of 4* ascension materials is the great balancer in this game. If someone spends 10k$ a year on this game, he or she will have nearly all the 5* heroes released in the last 12 months. Despite buying all the offers including ascension materials he or she will not be able to ascend more than a third or a quarter of his 5* heroes.
Will this be enough to crush my defense team of nearly 4400 TP ? Absolutely! But I can repay such kindness with a 4200 mono team in 99% of all cases. With a higher drop rate of ascension materials i would face more nearly invincible defenses with BK or Bera tanks, revivers and Frigg/Cobalt/Onyx/Odin damage dealers.
So please Sg keep the ascension materials high enough that all f2p and c2p players can ascend all their 5* heros, but low enough that big spenders have to consider which of their many heroes are really worth the mats.

That’s just it though, I don’t have enough mats to ascend all of my heroes… and I don’t even have that many 5* heroes.

Yet there are many big spenders in this game who have at least 50-100 fully maxed 5*s… how??? I can only assume that they are getting much better loot than most of us are.

Yes, I know there are folks who spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to get the best/most of every aspect of this game. But they also provide the overwhelming amount of funding (profit) for this game. Meanwhile, the vast, vast majority of us have to slog along at roughly the same rate of AM acquisition. And THAT is what I hang my hat on. I can live with the (from my view) crazy expenditures of some for this sense of equilibrium for the 99%. I appreciate the time you took to create this poll and start the discussion.

What are the chances that someone from SG will read the results from this poll?

I just personally believe that the ascension mat wall is not as solid as we would like to think it is, in terms of keeping the game “balanced”.

I’ve been playing the game for 2.5+ years and I still don’t have enough mats to final ascend 30 legendary heroes, nor do I have 30 legendary heroes to ascend… I mean, come on. How many years are we supposed to play this game before we at least get a solid 30 legendary war team? Seems like it mostly comes down to how much we’re willing to spend in the end. I don’t want the items to come easily like candy out of a piñata, but having to wait 6-12 months to ascend one hero seems a bit excessive to me.

Probably lower than my odds of pulling a Myztero

I mainly created these polls to satisfy my own curiosity, to see how much (or how little) overall forum opinions may have changed since the last time I posted similar polls. Mostly just patiently waiting for most people to come to my side and say “yo SG… we been giving you money and you been giving us mostly :poop: in exchange… we’ve put up with it for this long, but it’s high time for something around here to change.” Then to also patiently await SG’s response… will they boldly stand up and make some of the changes that we actually want them to make? Or will they just continue milking whales with zero ducks given to the rest of us? Stay tuned to find out!

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Good poll.

And I think they should increase chance for getting Damascus Blade and Tomb of Tactics from loot tier, because even you get many 5* heroes but it actually no way to max them all due to very limited amount of one of that AM, unless you always buy the very expensive ascension offers.


Yeah, i know and i totally agree with you. In my case it’s not a matter of experience or time played, it’s just that i was lucky to pull Miki, while others have to rely on Wukong at best (but most of them i think don’t even have Wu). In fact that part was more ironic than serious: i too feel somewhat happy thinking that thanks to my effort someone of my mates can maybe ascend some nice hero and improve. (on the other hand, there’s that little devil whispering to my ear “why your effort has been rewarded with just a couple of gems and 1* trainer?” :rofl:) Let’s find a medium between the two extremes: bonus 4* guaranteed to top scorer in addition to a certain enhanced chance for everyone else and everyone goes home happy and smiling :joy:


This is a good point about Damascus Blades and Tomes of Tactics. The one issue I have is that every month we have a challenge event and every season we have another event live Springvale. All of those include a 4 star mat for completing legendary, but never the blade or tome. Eventually this creates a back up.


I agree tomes and Damascus blades are a priority given you need them the most! I love this topic but I doubt it’ll get much results. Small giant doesn’t seem like it listens much to its players base!!! How long has hero academy been screwed up?? And the funny thing about these polls is that there is a general consensus pretty much from all of us.

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