Time for some long overdue polls RE: hero summoning and loot specifically

As I am now back here annoying you all on a regular basis, I’ve decided to drop a few polls to see if the overall forum’s opinions have possibly changed regarding certain matters.

Obviously there are a bazillion issues of concern currently in the game, and I cannot possibly address them all in one thread, so I will primarily stick to issues regarding HERO SUMMONS and LOOT


What is your current general overall opinion on the summoning odds from ALL portals?

  • The odds for summoning epic and legendary heroes needs to be GREATLY INCREASED
  • The odds for summoning epic and legendary heroes should be INCREASED A LITTLE
  • The current summoning odds are fine
  • The current summoning odds are fine as long as you remove the Dawas and all other assorted S1 3* garbage feeders from the pools
  • The odds for summoning epic and legendary heroes should be DECREASED

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Should S2 heroes, event heroes, old HotM’s etc. be added to training camps?

  • No.
  • Yes.
  • Yes, but only S2 heroes. The others should still be harder to acquire.
  • Yes, but you should have to upgrade to SH26 and TC21 first.

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My opinion on current overall chest loot (monster chest, raid chest, titan chest, war chest, elemental chest etc.) is…

  • That they should be MORE generous in terms of tokens and unfarmable AMs
  • That they are fine as they are
  • That they should be LESS generous in terms of tokens and unfarmable AMs
  • Other / depends on the chest / loot

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Rare titans should…

  • automatically give bonus item to the top scorer
  • give bonus item to everyone
  • have a HIGHER chance of giving bonus item than they currently do
  • have a LOWER chance of giving bonus item than they currently do
  • stay the same
  • not exist at all

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I think quests that give guaranteed unfarmable loot (emblems, ascension mats, tokens, etc.) should

  • happen more often
  • happen less often
  • not change
  • cost more world energy
  • cost less world energy
  • (undecided / mixed)

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And I will end this thread with question #6 for now, so that we don’t end up diverging into a million other directions all in one thread…


When it comes to tiered rewards from quests like challenge events, Mythic Titans, raid tournaments etc., I think

  • that the rewards are fine as they are
  • that the rewards are far too generous for low scorers, they should have to work harder for their loot
  • that the rewards need to be better for lower scorers, especially considering that the top scorers already have all the best stuff anyway

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Good poll sir. For the rare titans they should absolutely have a higer rate on the bonus item. And the percentage should be based on the grade you finished. Perhaps 40% A+, 30% A, 20% B and 10% lower. Those rare one are a pain to take down. Especially that evil Tiger.

Just a thought that rattles in my noggin.


I hate hate HATE the tigers!

Miki is a great hero to bring against a red titan, yes?

Unless of course that titan is a TIGER. In which case he suicides himself in the first 30 seconds of the fight. :man_facepalming:


I didn’t answer the last question. I think that tiers should be expanded more of them and more slots in each one


Absolutely agree. There have been cases in which someone who got a B (even a C rank) was rewarded with the 4* mats. However, I have to say that the last two rare titans gave me a special mat having got the max score.


Something like divisions would be great for events. The big guys will always choose or be placed into the top division while the little guys could play against each other in a lower division giving them an actual chance to get something that makes a difference to them.


You’re back @TGW



Also hate with a passion the wretched tiger. And I am a cat person!

I joined an alliance in December 2019. This week I got my first bonus item from a rare titan. There is another member in my alliance who has been in it longer than I have and has only ever got one bonus item too. I am quite sure there must be many people who have never got it at all. Until I saw it pop up this week I was starting to think the bonus roll was a myth.

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I could get on board with that.

One thing that bothers me about Mythic Titan is how only the top 1000 alliances get improved loot…

There are way more than 1000 alliances in this game.

Agreed! Doesn’t really seem fair to me that the same top players can win top spots in rare, epic, and legendary. I personally think they should have to pick one and only one to compete in.

Of course they should still be allowed to collect the basic completion rewards for the other levels, but allowing them to compete competitively in every tier would be like allowing a professional athlete to also compete in minor leagues and high school sports. LOL


100% agree with this. i was surprised to see only top 1000 get extra rewards


Isn’t that silly? My alliance is overall ranked something like 30,000th place. And that makes it sound like we must be a bunch of low ranked losers, but actually we are much stronger than tens of thousands of other alliances out there. The top 1000 alliances in this game I think are mostly comprised of the top 1% of players. There are still well over a million of us who don’t qualify.


I think this is by design. I can get top 1% for individual but not do any better than bottom tier for alliance. It’s basically an extra differentiator within the top 1% but relies on your alliance. Perhaps the alliance construct should be removed and it should revert to top 1k, 2k, 5k, etc?

Knowing that my alliance won’t do better than bottom tier it means I only have to push for top 1% without having to try to rank within top 1%.

Is this the best design? Possibly not. But I’m convinced this is by design.


Well, since i’m constantly the top scorer in my alliance (like, always. And by far) rare titans should definitely guarantee the 4* mat to the A+ scorer :see_no_evil: especially if the top scorer is doing more than double the damage than any other alliance mate.

Quests for unfarmable materials are fine as they are in terms of energy and frequency, i suppose. I voted they should not change cause the real problem is not in the options: they should be updated, renewed and even upgraded. Enough with the same old bosses, change it up, bring even more tiers of difficulty with more rewards.

I didn’t vote on question 6 because: rewards for tournaments are a joke, be it for a low or a top scorer. Rewards for mythic titans are just fine for a carefree, not time/resource consuming event. Rewards for challenge events may even be fine, i just find horribly wrong how the results are calculated. I’ll never digest how someone who nukes enemies with weapons gets a better result than someone who actually plays the game :upside_down_face:

Essentially when it comes to tiered events… I like it much better when the rewards are based on percentages, rather than flat numbers.

In a game that seems to have on average 2,000,000 people competing in certain events… me, as a veteran player, I’m easily able to score in top 50%, because my roster is much more developed than someone who hasn’t been playing for very long.

In fact, if I put enough effort into it, I can usually score in top 5-10% in many challenges. That’s not bragging, it’s just the result of me having grinded my roster for as long as I have. I know many of the regular posters on here usually score in top 1% without even breaking a sweat. I’m not that good at all, but I’m also not terrible.

Hence why I dislike it when the ranking systems are like “top 3, come collect your awesome rewards! Oh, you? Sorry, you came in 4th place, you get nothing, GTFO of here.”


Great polls and good ideas TGW. It seems that we are feeling particularly motivated today to ask for what we want, don’t we? :sweat_smile:

Who answers those, though? “Odds are fine”, SG??? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, continuing discussion on challenge rewards… Imagine rewarding only one player from 1.5mln participants with everything they desire while 99% of us gets trash. And it’s probably a whale. :neutral_face:

Nuh uh SG, it needs to be changed. You like percentages, why don’t you use them also during challenges? Top 5, 10, damn even 1 percent would make a difference to a lot of people. Nothing like receiving trash because you can’t score in top ten of the world.

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I’ve never attempted top percent on Mythic Titans, as I reserve my battle items for alliance titans and only hit Mythic Titans with the boards and heroes that RNGesus saw fit to give me. :grin: Still usually good enough to get me into either the top 10% or top 25% for both single hit and total damage, and that suits me just fine.

My alliance however? We small fries. Less than 20 members, most members below level 40, many don’t even hit Mythic Titans at all… our odds of ranking against a full 30 member active veteran alliance? Roughly somewhere in between a snowball’s chance in hell and hell itself freezing over. Which is perfectly fine by me as I don’t need to be in a top alliance, but why even include the “alliance ranking” option at all if my entire alliance already knows going in that we’ll never be able to get anywhere close to the top 1000 spot? Like “hey guys, I really want you all to work extra hard on this thing that isn’t going to benefit any of us because we’ll never actually score high enough to get any meaningful rewards, but let’s just try it anyway for the sake of nothing…” LOL nah.

Would be different maybe if the alliance ranking thing was done in tiers, like based on how many members you have or something. Then maybe I could look at the scoreboards and say “hey guys… we’re only a few thousand points away from the next loot tier… anyone got Mythic Titan flags?”

While I am somewhat inclined to agree with you, I also used to “almost always” be the top scorer in my alliance on titans (and practically everything else), because I was simply much stronger than all of them. Big fish in small pond sort of deal.

But just because I was always getting top scores, didn’t mean I was trying harder than everyone else. I could get a higher titan score with 1 flag than some of my members were able to score with 3. Was it their fault? Is it because I was awesome and they just sucked? Nope, not at all. I had just been playing for a lot longer than they had, and my roster was much better. That’s not their fault.

Very oftentimes, we would kill a rare titan, and I would get the A+ score, and my loot was shall we say less than impressive? Fellow teammate of mine would score a C, and shout “WOOHOO! I GOT THE MYSTERIOUS TONIC!!!” Congratulations to you, friend!

… then they would ask me, “what the heck do I use mysterious tonics for, anyway?”

They are for leveling up 5* green heroes.

“Oh! I don’t have any of those. Oh well!” skips away


Kadilen tugs at my sleeve. “You know I really could have used that tonic, right?”

Yes, I know.

“Should we kill him and take it off his body? I can do it myself if you don’t want to get your hands dirty…”

No, no… let him be. We’ll get another one later… maybe… hopefully… eventually…


Hopefully SG take the results of this poll seriously when considering REAL quality of life stuff to introduce this year … and not just rollout QOL stuff that hasn’t been asked for by the majority of the player community


I’d like to see the 4* AM quests pop up more frequently, and I’d like to see them boost the output on the emblem quests.

Would be nice to get like 50 of each class, so every quest lets you get one more node on a 5* in each class, or something like that. Emblems are so much more plentiful from other sources anymore, it makes the emblem drops from quests seem like a drop in the bucket.

I agree! And it appears that so far, so do 65% of others.

Is it cool that we can get a guaranteed farsight telescope every couple of months? Yeah that’s cool! But if we’re trying to level up several 5* blue heroes, one telescope every couple of months doesn’t really go very far, does it?


I think daily chests are fine the way it is.

My issue is the titan and war chests which open less frequently don’t seem to reflect the rarity and effort.


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