Time for New Content!

So for veteran players… how are you managing your time in this game nowadays? I am starting to feel like an aging dragon from Hobbits… sitting on:

  • full camps,
  • yellow, probably rotten food and metal
  • not many things or items left to upgrade, that I do just because I have nothing else to do with stuff
  • top 30 heroes of your dreams
  • have some good friends and veterans who were partners with me from start quit due to boredom now
  • and I’m considering retirement myself

SG, it is time to release:

  • Season 2
  • 5* troops
  • 6* heroes
  • morphed worlds
  • maybe Tornados (like in old SIM games) to destroy cities and spice things up
  • random new bosses to overwhelm general day to day grind
  • mixed drinks for top 100 players
  • ???

Any new ideas, you would like to see in the game?


New base plots and new buildings.

Double builder has really sped up the leveling process and lots of players will begin having everything maxed in the next few months.

Maybe split the Alchemy craftables form the Battle craftables and make a new crafting building. would be a good opportunity to introduce a few new craftable items.

Maybe a new barracks type to train troops.


As posted elsewhere (not by me):

  • New alchemy building that makes new items by fusing excess items

  • New specialty training building that makes heroes by fusing excess heroes (no I don’t expect this one will happen) :grin:

  • New button that instantly finishes province locations (win/lose)

  • HOTM released via TC20 to F2P folks after 1 year (no, I don’t think this will happen either) :grin:

  • Season 2, just as soon as bugs are fully worked out of War

  • A killable dragon over your castle (ducks too) for variable gem reward

  • Double Titans (main, plus extra), with extra loot for killing both

Mind you, I’m perfectly happy now, but I like all of these options. :wink: