Time for my farewell to the community

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to the many on this forum for their kindness and contributions. From the expansive guides on monster drops, to the research done with tile probability, to the encouragement shown to myself and others, it has been a privilege to experience the game with many of you.

Personally, I have not been satisfied with SGG’s transparency with their response to the exploit in beta, and how it has been handled. I question whether they knew of it earlier, and I question whether they will actually attempt to investigate those who exploited it. It is a sad time when you lose faith and trust in the company to uphold the fairness of gameplay.

While I respect SGGs “small development team mentality” and while it may have helped their initial success, I feel it is now a detriment to game. From their ability to work on various QOL improvements, to their ability provide and accept feedback from the community on important game issues. Yes they have made an enormous amount of money, but they doesnt mean they couldn’t have made more or made this game an even bigger success.

A list of accomplishments I have been proud of:

  1. Reached global top 1 in trophies
  2. Helped two alliances briefly reach top 100
  3. Had 3 top 100 finishes in weekly tournaments
  4. Made about 20 top 100 finishes in monthly events
  5. Almost hit 100k on a titan (97k, although no elemental debuffer)
  6. Saved up more than 20000 gems
  7. Did it as 100% FTP
  8. Did it without ever using any gems in any summon portal since I started playing

My best wishes to all both in the game and also in real life.


No… this unacceptable!

How about a week long break. And then you delete this post afterwards?!



Wish you best of luck in your future gaming endeavors. Definitely a model of what F2P could achieve.

I moved your thread from toxic general discussion to redeemable community content.


I understand your position since you stated it elsewhere too. Good luck!


Well this ■■■■■■ blows

Sucks to see ya go @Richter enjoyed your presence here on the forum

Hopefully it’s a temporary break due to frustration

But if it’s not then i get it and wish ya the best of luck on your next game


oh my. I too, hope that you will reconsider: from the short amount of time I’ve interacted with you, I can see you are a level-headed and extremely competent player (I mean seriously, all those achievements as 100% FTP? you are a gem)

I do understand where you are coming from though. You must have worked extremely hard to achieve all those - and recent events have you questioning the foundation of the game. Fair enough.

Whatever happens, I wish you the best; anyone who can achieve all that as 100% FTP has a bright future ahead in whatever he/she puts his/her mind to.


Wait…farewell to the game or the community or both…?

In any case, Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors.


This is a sad day indeed… you have been a well respected member on the forum. I always appreciated your thoughtfulness and insight.

You will be missed.


My best regards Sir, may you stay safe and well :cry:


Wishing you health and happiness!


And this is why you are probably one of the best FTP to have ever existed.

This is an insane achievement.

There’s no way I could have hoarded 20k gems by brute force without spending it.

We’ve lost an FTP great today.

It’s sad that this is all because of (to a lesser extent) the beta exploit and (to a greater extent) SG’s response to the beta exploit.

I hope @Petri @mhalttu and co take notice.

@Richter has always been about sportsmanship and fairness. This is what makes him stand apart.

Richter thank you for sharing your journey with us and being a cool FTP forum friend. You’ll be missed.

I’m a bit sad that you didn’t get to properly make use of the spoils of your 20k gems that you saved up. I am feeling for you. I know how much toil that would have taken without spending…Arghhhhh

At least do a few pulls and see what would have happened, if you haven’t already? But maybe that might make it harder to leave so perhaps not.

I wish you the best. Take care @Richter



I am sorry to hear this @Richter:frowning:

Take care of yourself and hope to see you back soon.


This is sad news. We haven’t had much interaction here but i could see from your posts that you are respect-worthy. An F2P icon like Brobb.

Sorry to see you leave but I understand and wish you best of luck in the future.

Take care and be safe.


Yikes, looks like SGG didn’t provide a timely announcement to offer a timely, satisfactory response that you were looking for huh? Did they even provide anything at all?

I am sorry to see you break camp, aside from doing things differently in the game (e.g. you try to play competitive in all aspects, while I just play for the “pretty pictures”), I felt your F2P approach was one of the closest, if not the closest to the way I approached this game.

Although I still hope you would reconsider leaving, but rather, take a sabbatical away from it. If you have decided to break away from the game and the community, and this causes a massive chain reaction and cause more people to follow suit in mass exodus style, SGG would probably be kicking themselves about underestimating the effect of loyal, passionate players. Trust and loyalty is earned, and not easily regained after losing them.

Best of luck to whichever direction you choose to go. But most important of all, stay strong, and stay safe.


Well poop. I haven’t had a lot of interaction with you but we did have that thread, you know the one. :wink:
I jest but that is because of that thread and what came out, and what did not. I feel for you and understand your reasoning 100%.

Put this behind you, find another game, or another pastime and enjoy it. Go into it like you did here, on your terms.

My best wishes for your future health and happiness.



Richter, I respect your rationale, yet I can’t but hope this will be a temporary break not a permanent goodbye.

Fare well, whichever you choose. You are an amazing player. :blush:


Sadly to both. I tried to follow suit with the Aife leveling but completely botched my video. And of course it’s not something where you can have a practice run through. I didnt know you had to reset talented heros before you consume them. I actually got a good laugh out of the whole debacle of it. :rofl:


:rofl: :astonished: :frowning:

So it’s for good then!

All the best mate


if only you really knew


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