Time for me to go & my parting feedback


I agree with this. I have three 4* crit troops and two 4* mana troops trained up.


That was a well written post and I have to agree


Not sure how I came upon this topic (no recent posts)… but I read it & agree with pretty much all of it today. It was written in July 2018.

The only thing that has really changed is there will be an Alchemy lab, at some point.

With the Alchemy lab being added (in some form or fashion, in the next year), are you going to return? :thinking:


Well, to be a farewell is being very long!


It is sad, but it is now even worse. There was a news article a month ago that SGG was purchased by another company giving several millions to the shareholders. After that we don’t get any staff comments like that one above from Petri at all.


  1. Link to known error not responded by anyone from SGG:
  1. Ideas/Request with 45 votes:


The CIO has posted several times about this acquisition in this thread:


Response into a Zynga thread is the only response.

There is no SGG staff response about matters of the current E&P game any more. Not even for known errors.
See my links 2 posts above.


They are too busy counting their money… :wink:


SG has never claimed they would respond to suggestions, requests, ideas, proposals, complaints, error identifications or valedictory speeches. That’s a good thing, too - if they took the time to respond to every suggestion, request, idea, proposal, complaint, error identification or valedictory speech, then they would never have time to actually run the game.

Plus, of course, most of this content is just straw in the wind: it’s fun to bat around, especially if you tossed it into the air yourself, but not particularly useful for anything. Better that it is all left to us forum denizens to discuss.


With due all respect Mr. cat Brobb, but if you talk about my topic with linked 7 threads of general discussion with contribution and agreement from best players like Dator and Uclapack and telling us that idea which took one of the most votes in the history of the forum is something I should leave to “denzies” like you, I hardly challenge your opinion.

Best of Regards,


I’m sure your idea, whatever it was, was a great one. I’m sure Dator and Uclapack, whoever they are, are great people. But I’m equally sure that plenty of people think they have great ideas, backed by great people, and I’m glad SG don’t waste their time trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Better that they spend their time on the game.


@Petri is the only staffer who posts with any regularity on the forums, and he’s been on vacation since Dec. 20th or so. That seems like the simplest explanation for the comparative quiet from in-house staff.

I know that staff does read the forums a lot. They just don’t generally respond in writing. The wheat/chaff sorting occurs, but not out in public.


Don’t sweat another player’s opinion.

Just do you.

Some like it, some wont, some dont like anyone.

Just the way it is


:smile::crazy_face: I agree some will some want


I really feel you in here - I dont play for long, its now about a month, but I see a lot of negative changes and I see them. Titans and warchests are even for the midrange players only crap - mostly not worthy to spent time. And The greed of the compandy to only earn money is everywhere. You should have a the possibility to achive everything but maybe with a greater timespan but I agree, its based on P2win. Sad but true.
Have a good time!


Seven months later after the veteran @Ellilea left, I ask: has anything fundamentally changed?

Probably not?

Those of you who have been around long enough have probably seen more than your fair share of goodbyes

History has a tendency of repeating itself

Curious to hear anyone’s thoughts on veterans leaving - has anything actually changed?

@AnjaValkyrie @rook @Duaneski


I started shortly after the spring event last year (I remember asking people where they got the rabbit avatars lol) and honestly, for me, the only thing that has changed has been that I cut way back on spending when I was getting frustrated and irritated with not getting any “bang for my buck”

And I am really enjoying the game so much more now! I don’t believe the pulls or loot are any better or worse than they were almost a year ago…… but as a new player, pulling a new 4* was a huge deal, and cause for much excitement and celebration. Now it’s like “meh, another Boldtusk.” And I don’t worry so much about getting every hero that comes out…I have more than enough to work on now.

For me the biggest reason I would consider leaving, and the reason I have left other games, is boredom. I am excited about the new content and buildings coming. I am not so sure about the raid challenges…we’ll see. Hoping SG will keep it coming, and I have seen the response to player requests for new features implemented which is encouraging.

On my third attempt I found a wonderful alliance full of great, supportive people.

I don’t worry about people leaving…the game obviously ran its course for them. And for every one that leaves, a new one comes in…I just wish there was a way to point them to the forums right away, I think it would help them avoid so many bad decisions early in the game. It has made a world of difference for me.


I agree. What kinds of bad decisions are you referring to?

Is hanging around and playing without spending money a bad decision? :joy:


:scream_cat: Well, I used my first Bane as a feeder!:scream_cat: (don’t worry…I got another one, but it’s just not the same!)

And probably spent more than I should have to get fancy heroes I had no way of ascending, instead of being patient and working on 3*, then 4* etc.

I joined the first open alliance I saw, and spent way too long flailing around aimlessly and making little progress, without much in the way of any guidance or help.

I fed all troops to just one, ( took me a while of accumulating them before someone told me about converting a forge to a barracks) not realizing you need more than just one of each color for mono and stacking teams.

Oh, there’s so much more…….but live and learn……

Edit to add: I think hanging around and not spending (much) money was the best decision I have made so far!


Well, yes, in my case, my own attitude towards the game has changed. Brought about by many things / annoyances which may seem small in themselves. But many drops make an ocean.

When a veteran left:

At first, I thought “How can anyone dislike such a nice game?”
As time went on, I thought “Yes, he / she has a point. But, ah well, the people in my alliance are so nice, I will keep playing, but at reduced time, effort and expenditure. Because yes, he/she is correct, effort is not rewarded”.
And finally, the proverbial straw broke the proverbial camel’s back.

@Bertus has described it perfectly in another thread:

It all comes together like a bowstring. You start playing, you put the string on the bow. And with every passing grind, every leaving alliance member, every change towards monetization, every change you don’t like, the string is tightened towards it’s breaking point.

Sometimes you get a new high, and the string is loosened. But the new highs will hardly ever be as big as your Initial Rush, and string tension will build up over time.

So your bowstring will snap, like @AnjaValkyrie 's. Despite the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

Of course, the newer players may not understand. They never knew the joy of gaining 90k food from a single raid, for example. They never experienced the joy of receiving gold tokens often as rewards for simple things.
They have not seen the players around them leaving left and right, with each gaming friend leaving a void. And they seem to be quite ok with pay to participate content.

To my mind, a new era has begun:
new targets, new owner of the game, more monetization - and new players.

May they enjoy it.
My time is over.