Time for a question dump

The time has come to refigure my priorities on training once again. Atlantis was oddly kind (two summons managed to pull Thoth, Onatel, and Ameonna) and TC20 has actually decided to balance out for me – somewhat. However, I’m not entirely sure where to go next or who to prioritize – both for training and talents. So it’s time to ask again: where do I go from here?


Grimm 4/70 +2
Kiril 4/70
Triton 4/70
Boril 4/70
Sonya 2/43


12 scopes
10 capes

So there’s really not much I can do here other than finish off Sonya. If I don’t manage to draw something worth training before she’s done, is Gato worth a shot? I know Valen gets some love.


Lianna 4/37
Buddy 4/70
Kashhrek 4/70
Hansel 4/70
Caedmon 4/70
Melendor 4/70
Skittleskull 3/25

Horghall 1/1
Little John 1/1

Friar Tuck

0 tonics
11 shields

Obviously I’m finishing Lianna. She’s already my new favorite toy.

Horghall, as I understand it, is trash. I’m not a huge fan of Skittles, but I’m also awfully short sorcerers. Little John is great, but I’m pretty set on Barbarians and my green field is already pretty deep. Of those three options, which do I bother with? I’m leaning towards Skittleskull just for class coverage but I could be convinced that he’s bad enough to pass over.


Proteus 4/70 +2
Rigard 4/70
Cyprian 4/70
Tibertus 4/63

Sartana 1/19
Thoth-Amun 1/1
Proteus 1/1
Ameonna 1/1
Sabina 1/1


11 Tabards
22 Trap tools

I’m making myself finish Tibertus, but then I get a ridiculous set of options. Yes, I want to level another Proteus, and sure, Sabina gives me that sorcerer I’m short on, but the answer here has to be Sartana, right? Thoth doesn’t seem to have any fans and I certainly have the mats to justify pushing Sartana at this point. Is there any other way to look at this choice?


Azlar 4/26
Boldtusk 4/70
Falcon 4/70
Colen 4/70

Khagan 2/60
Lancelot 3/60
Gormek 3/28

Elena 1/12
Scarlett 2/1
Sumitomo 1/1
Boldtusk 1/1 (4 of these)


2 rings
1 blade

Obviously I’m limited by blades, but I’m sure they’ll come. Once I finish Azlar, where do I go? Scarlett is appealing since I’m short on rogues. Neither Elena nor Khagan really spark joy (and I look for them to raid against, which is never a good sign in my book). Is Sumitomo worth the effort? Keep pushing Gormek? I’m kind of at a loss here.


Vivica 4/80
Gretel 4/70
Hu Tao 4/70
Wu Kong 4/64

Chao 3/60
Danzaburo 3/39

Onatel 1/1
Leonidas 1/1
Jackal 1/1 (2 of these)
Li Xiu 1/1


3 darts
12 orbs

The way I see it, I have to pick a 4* to level while I gather more darts, and then I get to level another 5*. The question is which of each.

The only thing Li Xiu has going for her is that she’s a monk, and I’m thin there. Danzaburo is started and has an interesting mechanic, but I’m just not sure I trust him. He is a rogue though, and I do need more of those. However… so is Jackal, and he seems incredibly solid. Jackal is likely my best option?

For 5* I pretty much have to go Onatel, right? Leonidas is interesting but not great. My only real reluctance is that Onatel is yet another wizard – I have a ton of those already – and Leo fills that monk spot.

Anyone want to argue for something other than Jackal/Onatel? Maybe I’m better off taking Onatel to 3/60 then doing Jackal?

Miscellaneous thoughts

I think I’m sticking to the notion that spending emblems on 4* heroes is more effective than 5* for now – hence Grimm and Proteus getting some love. I’m happy with those two choices since I use both quite a bit. However…


Grimm is probably one of the best 4* out there. I almost went with Gretel but at the end of the day Grimm is just really, really good. I’m pretty comfortable here.


Rigard seems like an obvious choice. If my Proteus were to miss against a Rigard due to the mana effect ignore thing I’d be sunk sometimes. Still, Hansel is pretty solid overall and will only get better with a little additional investment. Which one gets your emblems and why?


Caedmon or Melendor? Why?


Boldtusk, right? It seems like he’s a pretty solid consensus around here. Colen is fun and all, but Boldtusk is just better overall. Unless Sumitomo is way better than I’m giving him credit for, this has to go to Boldtusk.


My monks all suck. I mean, Wu is great, but is he great enough to get emblems when I know I’ll eventually pull a Wilbur?


Falcon is my immediate thought here but honestly I’m not sure. Cyprian is ready to go, Sonya is on her way. Or I could save them?


This is the one place I’m highly tempted to save up for a 5*. Lianna with a bypass seems downright evil. Having said that, Buddy is a real contender. Thoughts either way, or should I be considering Triton more seriously?


Ugh. My Rogues are barely leveled. Jackal seems like the right choice, he’s just a long way from being able to benefit.


Just as bad here. Skittleskull is the closest I have to a competent sorcerer and it’s Skittleskull. I probably just save these for now, right?


There are too ■■■■ many good wizards, but since Proteus gets more play than any other hero, he gets the investment. Talk me out of it?


  1. Skittleskull, Horghall, or Little John?
  2. Lancelot, Sumitomo, Elena, or Khagan?
  3. Onatel or Leonidas, before or after Li Xiu, Jackal, or Danzaburo?
  4. Sartana or Thoth-Amun?
  5. Why don’t I have any good monks, rogues, or sorcerers?

Jackal and Scarlet are both great titan heroes and totally worth leveling at any level titan.
Skittle and Horghall are kinda the same, I don’t think either is worth pushing past 3rd tier unless you absolutely need something to do. Belith and Brienne are great for events if that’s important to you. That just leaves LJ, good depth hero.
None of your remaining blues matter except for events, in which case I’d go Gato.
Sartana is still one of the best snipers in the game. Thoth is good defense and depth hero and would solve your Sorcerer issue. I’d do Sartana first, but definitely Thoth too.

  1. I was forming opinions as I read through each section and you expressed in your summary and intent precisely what I was thinking in my head. The only exception: I was watching Dator/UCLAPack the other day and UCLA was extolling the virtues of Thoth. Might be worth a look-see after Sartana.

  2. I love the layout of this post. It’s so easy to read, reflect on, and react too. I hope you get more feedback of equal quality. o7


@RandaPandah I believe this is an advice request for which your thoroughness and analysis talents are a uniquely excellent match :grinning:


That was absolutely the goal. I like it when other people lay things out with logic, why not take the time and effort to do the same?

Honestly, there are so many threads asking for advice that I at least want others to learn how to think about the questions – and hopefully this helps.

They’re probably my next options for yellow and red respectively. There’s a small part of me thinking that Danzaburo is that much closer but Jackal just seems better overall.

Looks like Thoth is getting more support than I’d expected. I’ll queue him up, but definitely wait until after Sartana is set.

I apologize for my delayed response; I’ve been rather lacking at my forum duties as of late, but I’m here now (thanks @Garanwyn for the tag). I do have to say, I like the way you think; it made me question [for a moment] whether I have a twin out there that I don’t know about :wink:

Anyway, starting off, I think your instincts are spot on. I’ll go through this step by step [for what I’d suggest doing], but ultimately, you should always follow your gut. If you enjoy playing with a certain hero, or like one aspect of the game more than the rest, go with whomever fills that role the best. If you’re lacking in certain classes, so much so that you’re unsure you’ll be able to finish every trial, build up a team that would suffice (3+ heroes @ level 60+ in each class).

Blue: You really don’t have many options in this category, so I’d continue with Sonya. She’s a great fast hitter and dispeller, so will be used plenty. After Sonya, I would work on your 3* if you haven’t already. You’ll want at least two leveled in each color if you’re looking to participate in the beginner tier of challenge events. Valen is great, and so are Gato, Ulmer and Gunnar. They may also come in handy during some of these class quests, or the upcoming raid events; you never know!

Green: Nice pull with Lianna! & She’s almost maxed, so that’s awesome. I’d finish her, then I’d usually consider Little John next for his high attack stat. However, if you’re lacking sorcerers, to the point you can’t even field a team of 5 for either of the sorcerer trials, I would put Skittles first. Not a huge fan of hers, but she does have a high attack stat as well. If it turns out you don’t need her, then back to LJ it is. Horghall can wait. He’s not terrible, but not worth the extra feeders, mats, and time to max. 4* would be better (for now). I’d actually do a few 3* before him too (Berden, Belith, Brienne and Mnesseus).

Purple: Yes, I would definitely finish Tibs. After, well that depends. Sartana will be more powerful when maxed, but she also takes a lot longer to max than say Sabina, therefore holding your purple progress up if you’re looking to fill holes in your roster (ie sorcerer). Unless you’re confident in your teams for the trials, I would prioritize Sabina first. After, I’d do Sartana. Then Proteus for another mana block (too awesome not to have several leveled). Thoth isn’t amazing, but not as terrible as people say. Just a lackluster HOTM when compared to Hel and Khiona. Still has his place. One I’d eventually level, just not at this time. I’d consider doing some of your 3* for events (Balthazar, Tyrum and Chochin) first. Ameonna if you decide against Skittles, and need another sorcerer; great tile damage, so fills a niche. Thoth after all of that. Then, you can play with him a bit [at 70] and decide for yourself if he’s worth the next set of tabards, or if you’d be better off waiting for someone else.

Red: Once you finish Azlar, I’d move back to Gormek for the defense down in red. I don’t see Wilbur, so he’ll be your go to defense down against green Titans and in a red stack. Plus, he’s already close to 60 anyway, might as well finish him for the stat boost. If you can’t ascend him to 70 by then, I’d get Scarlett up for her high attack stat. Sumitomo is good, but Scarlett and Gormek are better, and have more uses; attack and defense downs always have a place (counterattack- not so much). Elena is a good 5* worth considering once your 4* and 3* projects are done. Highest red attack stat in the game, so definitely worth it for that crazy tile damage. Just slow mana and low defense are her down fall, so not the best hero ever. Still, way better than Khagan. Also, Nashgar, Rudolph, Hawkmoon, Azar and Namahage for 3*.

Yellow: First, I’d finish Wu to 70 if you haven’t already; I would always finish a hero on whatever tier they’re on, before starting someone new, to get the most out of their stat increases. After that, Jackal definitely. You need rogues, plus he’s amazing for purple Titans and tanks. Definitely Jackal. After, if you’re really hurting on monks, Li Xiu; the mana cut can be nice. Danza is good, but super unpredictable, so idk not a huge fan of him. If you’re still needing more rogues, could work on him after Li. If not, finish some 3* for the event (Bane, Melia, Kailani, Gan Ju). Then I’d work on Onatel for your 5*. Another form of mana control, and mana control is always super important, and very valuable, everywhere. Leonidas has his place, but Onatel will have a bigger impact.

Honestly, with the whole class system, I would just focus on getting 3 heroes in each class leveled to 60 or max. After that, and you can field enough trams for the trials, I wouldn’t worry about adding more heroes to a class unless it’s a really, really weak team- and instead, focus on the core heroes that help with everyday game-play (mana control, buff, defense down, elemental defense down, etc). Let classes play a part in your decision, but not be the defining factor in who you work on. I’d still work on the better heroes over the not-so-good ones when it’s a choice between the two.

Barbarian: Grimm for sure
Cleric: Rigard seems to be a lot of people’s go to healer, and if that’s the case for you, then I’d go Rigard. However, I’m all about mana control (I love it) so I’d do Hansel personally.
Druid: Caedmon if he’s your main dispeller, and only fast one you have maxed. I’d only do Melendor if you really like him, but average speed dispel isn’t nearly as useful. Could make him less squishy, but still rather go Caedmon for the fast. Then again, I rarely use healing dispellers; I like the fast hitting dispellers more. If you come up against counterattack a lot and value Melendor’s safe dispel more, then I could see him being the better choice for you. Still, Caedmon has my vote of the two.
Fighter: Boldtusk hands down. Already makes a great tank, and will be even better with that talent and stat boosts.
Monk: If you’re positive you’ll get Wilbur, I might wait on this. Or else Wu is a solid second choice. Especially since you don’t have Tarlak, you’ll want Wu to be strong and ready vs every titan you come in contact with.
Paladin: Out of those options, I like Falcon the most. Elemental defense down is always nice for red stacks and against green Titans, so emblems could help make Falcon hit a lot harder.
Ranger: Honestly, if you want to see the impact and use them immediately, I’d go with Triton personally (fast mana/high attack stat/healing buff). If you’re willing to wait to reap an even bigger benefit, Lianna for sure.
Rogue: Jackal for sure.
Sorcerer: Save. None of the 4* options are too amazing. So either save for a 5*, use on Sabina to make her less squishy, or idk try your luck with Ameonna? But I’m not sold on her completely.
Wizard seems to be the toughest choice for many. Honestly though, I’d go Proteus if you’re wanting immediate effects, or Onatel if you’re willing to hold out.

Hopefully this helps somewhat. It’s kind of a mess, but I’m tired and don’t feel like making this slightly more legible, so I’m hoping it still works. If you have anymore specific questions, feel free to ask. & If you notice any blatant errors, or things I may have missed, I apologize. I’ll do my best to address any issues or questions after I get some rest. Typically, it’s much easier to do this with a photo [of your roster], at least in most cases, but the description under each group helped quite a bit, so nice job putting this together. Again, hope this helps. Goodnight and good luck on your leveling :blush:


You know, I actually hate reading the picture posts? Different strokes, I suppose. Formatting makes a difference though.

Thanks as always for the advice. I’m still debating between Hansel and Rigard but otherwise this very much clarified my thinking. Mana control is definitely my favorite approach, so…

Well, we’ll see. And knowing me I’ll be back in another six weeks asking about a new set of dilemmas.

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Does anyone have any advice in where to fine certain items I’ve been farming levels through season 1 for weeks fine gloves and a warm cape to ascend my kiril I think items should be easier to find then to wonder aim lessly just hoping they pop up

Neither of those items can be obtained farming the map.

As the tooltip in the above screen shot states, they can be acquired from wanted missions (chests), titan loot, alliance war loot and from Rare Quests.
Which Rare Quest has the items can be seen below.

Yeah I seen that afterwards they should look into changing that but I’m sure I’m not the first person to bring it up

I’m actually pretty happy with the system. It enforces a certain degree of patience – no one can just buy the hero they want and have the ascension items on a whim.

But if Kiril is your only blue healer and you just want one more cape, yeah, it can be a bit frustrating. Just look up at my red roster: I’ve spent the entire time I’ve played short on hidden blades. Some recent luck has helped a bit, but there were times when it was intensely frustrating.

I still like the system overall.

Yeah well it started with kiril and now I have other characters that need the same item to ascend and I just don’t see how I’m going to acquire all of them.but I’ve been taking the time to level up my other teams so I guess it has some benefit I just think they should have some way to at least feel like your working towards it instead of praying you get lucky after you beat a level

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