Time for a (Forum) Break -- Guvnor

So I’ve tried typing this out a couple times and it never quite works out how I want it to… So bear with me if this seems somewhat disjointed and rambly.


So as many of you may / not be aware, over the past couple years I have dedicated an inordinate amount of time to this game, the community and everything else. I don’t regret a moment of that time, maybe a couple of the $$ spent, but not a moment of the time.

However, over the past 4-6 months I’ve been becoming less and less invested in the game and more and more frustrated with the direction that SGG and development team seem to be taking the game. This frustration has then had flow-on effects to most other elements of the game, sucking some of the glow and enjoyment out of everything.

It’s come to a head recently with a couple things that have come into beta, primarily the Limit Breakers and Costumes for Non-S1 Heroes
I haven’t made a secret of it or been silent about my views on these topics and my view seems to be fairly unanimously held by most of the rest of the communtiy… But in spite of the overwhelming feedback, the Developers seem hell-bent on progressing these ideas.

Going Forward

So I guess the real purpose of this thread is, beyond having a sook and another whinge, is to say a soft “farewell” of sorts… I have tried cutting back somewhat (see here: Future of Recurring Forum Threads) but I find myself still needing more space…

I will still be around and I’ll still pop in and out of the forum but I won’t be nearly as prolific as before both in terms of posting and thread creation…

:test_tube: Beta Beat

I won’t be continuing to do the #beta-beat stuff. I just don’t enjoy Beta in the slightest anymore; the content I hate and the feedback that gets given is, buy and large, ignored with devs just doing what they want anyways.

I am unsure who / if anyone will pick this project up which was started by @zephyr1 but if anyone is interested they can @ me or PM me and we can discuss. (Line = Guvnor81; Discord = #Guv3699)

:crossed_swords: Raid Tournaments

I don’t think I will be continuing to make these either. I have pre-done threads through to end of July which will auto-publish but after that… idk… see how it’s going.

:mechanical_arm: Challenge Events

I won’t be making new threads for these either. The old ones are all now of a standard format where the only thing that really changes is the date at the top. All other information is pretty standard and uniform now so there isn’t any reason that the latest ones can’t become a master of sorts

:boom: Monthly Summons

I won’t be creating new Monthly Summon events (specifically Valhalla, Costumes or Underwild). I may have a go at making a master for each like I did with Atlantis but… idk.

:man_superhero: New Heroes

Idk… I haven’t really decided on this… I expect that I won’t continue with these threads… I have the format & template pretty well down-pat so it’s not difficult to make them… Just don’t have the interest currently (hence why Elradir was a little late).

Close Off.

As I said, I’ll still be around and may pop in and out of threads and the forum generally; and there may well be a resumption of my thread making down the track… But for now… :man_shrugging:

I still plan to keep playing for a while yet. I’m loving my alliance (Shout-out to my Seven Days Hunting mates) and enjoy some aspects of the game a lot (Tournaments & Wars mainly)… I also am still having a lot of fun in Puzzle Combat so I’m not severing ties with SGG and the awesome staff peoples (@kiraSG & @petri are AWESOME people)…

And you’ll still have the other fantastic mods who volunteer so much time & effort for such little return (@Rook @Dudeious.Maximus @littleKAF & @JonahTheBard you guys rock!)…

One thing that @zephyr1 pointed out, quoting from @Gryphonknight:

So yeah; cyas round :slight_smile:


Another nail in SG coffin when they can manage to push away someone like yourself who has given so much to the game/forum. Shame on them.

Be well @Guvnor, you look after yourself and let the ingrates at SG Towers pick up the slack.

Take care. You’re a solid guy, for an Aussie :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Thank you @Guvnor ; I always look forward to seeing you on the forum and appreciate all the work you already put in.


Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!


Thank you for all your contributions @Guvnor. You will be sorely missed :pleading_face:


You add so much Guvnor, your efforts will be greatly missed. You spelled things out perfectly…if there is no compensation and no effort of those in charge to listen to the people…that a perfect time to step away.

Cheers sir, I will tip a glass to your service to the forum. Salud!


Thank you for all your contributions. All your threads have been very useful and informative. We will miss you.



In behalf of my alliance, we tip our hats to you. Splendid, splendid, splendid job you have done in this forum and to the community. We will surely miss your threads you have kept and maintained for the longest time. Thank you so so so much for your effort, time and resources.

@Dudeious.Maximus @Rook @littleKAF @JonahTheBard are the only active mods I am seeing lately. Guys, let us make their forum life a bit lighter. I knew about @zephyr1 but I wonder about @DaveCozy. Did I miss something???

I think @Rigs (I can’t tag him anymore) will be back… this time as a moderator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hahaha. It’ll be like a film sequel…“Revenge of @Rigs”.


I completely understand and wish you all the best.


Really sorry to see you go. You did a fine job.


Maybe SG notice they’re going in a possible wrong direction.

tenor (1)



@Guvnor … Wow this made me rather sad this morning… you have always been here - ever since I started this game. My first and only online game. And you have helped not only me but everyone with your forum posts. Even though sometimes the responses have been dreadful for you and thankless.
I sincerely appreciate all of the help and wonderful advice you have provided. It has been totally invaluable. Thank you so much.
I wish you all the very best for the future and great luck in your gaming.
Now it’s time to take care of yourself, make great use of your free time, be happy, have fun and stay safe.


Thank you for your time, effort and patience. Big sacrifice on your part. Yeah … let SG go find themselves another hard core volunteer.

If you are keen to venture beyond the confines of SG, a competitor game actually hired an enthusiastic content creator. On RL payroll with benefits. FYI yah


Thank you @Guvnor for everything that you have done for us over the past years. Wish you all the best.


I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming. Still, @Guvnor you will be hugely missed here.

Thank you once again for all your hard work, and enjoy your new free time and most importantly, mental energy!

I wish you all the best! Take care, and keep safe during these difficult times. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Guvnor : respect your decision & the work you have done here in the forum.

Good to know you still gonna be around.

Personally thank you for pointing out that you didn’t see any big benefit for mana troops beyond L23, in that interview discussion. Helped me not chase / waste resources & instead optimise.


Thank you for the absolutely fantastic job you did @Guvnor . How you found the time to play, moderate, create (detailed) threads and and research mechanics I do not know. Your information was helpful, I tracked your posts assuming (correctly) it would lead me to the useful information.

I wish you a return to the enjoyment of playing.

Beyond the Farewell, a Thought:
I have seen several moderators burn out now, Kerridoc, Zephyr, Dave Cozy now Guvnor. Perhaps SG could increase the number of mods to reduce the load on each? As an unpaid position that takes time away from other pursuits and can at times be rewarded with personal attacks it is amazing that anyone agrees to it. Watching the glow of enthusiasm dim is sad


@Guvnor Thanks for all you have done on the community forum, you’ve done an amazing job! You’ll be missed! I’ve enjoyed reading so many of your threads over the last few years and your contributions have educated myself and I’m sure so many others.

All the best for the future!


Enjoy the tons of extra free time @Guvnor! :slight_smile:


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