Time for a bit of a break (zephyr1)

Enjoy your break Zypher! But, your always calm presence will definitely be missed.


I just wish to pour a bit more praise on you.

I am an active and dedicated gamer for already more than 30 years. In the many games and many years I have played - I have never seen such an exceptional and professional work as was performed by you.


Just wanted to express my thanks for all your work, I have definitely improved my playing and decision making because of it. Signs of fatigue creeping in, and also exasperation with some of the moves from Small Giant themselves were showing already, so it’s not a real surprise and a wise move on your part. Still hope that you can re-energize and welcome you back at some time! Thank you very much! (and I heartily concur with CarryAll, also having gamed the better part of 30 years and visiting many such forums as these…great job!)


I’m glad you recognized your burnout before it was too late. Hopefully these precautionary measures will help you refocus and rebalance things so you can continue to enjoy what the game and forum have to offer.

Of course you will be missed… that’s a huge understatement… but I do think we’re left in the very capable hands of the other mods.

Thank you for the time you’ve devoted to us and to the game. I doubt we have a true idea of how much you’ve given as I’m pretty sure what we see here is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s probably a “behind the scenes” that we’re not privy to. Lol.


I think, many of us saw that day coming… :cry:

However, we all were hoping it will never arrive and hit us in the bottom of our hearts. There is absolutely no question, you deserve a break! But we will miss you and happily welcome you with open arms, whenever you feel like visiting us.
I am glad, that it might be just a break and not the end of an era. Lay back, relax and find joy in playing again. In the meanwhile we will miss you. :hugs:

ps: I am glad that there are fantastic moderators around, trying to walk in your shoes. What a tough task…


If its the best for you so im glad of your choice .
The good thing is that we can still see you around.
I hope you my best wishes for this new stage


Rest of the warrior, thanks for your hard work @zephyr1 , I don’t comment much on the forum, but I always read your posts, which we sincerely say help a lot.
Thanks to everyone else who sacrifices their time, for free, to help players with useful tips.

sorry for bad english, google… hehe


You have done tremendously more than enough to earn your break, stay well…


A well deserved break! Thanks for everything you did and enjoy your break! :slight_smile:


You’ll be missed @zephyr1 but taking a break is healthy. :heartpulse: Take your time! Thank you for all your contributions to the community here!


In my opinion, it’s a very well deserved break and you probably feel that it’s been a long time coming. Many thanks for your huge contribution to the game and within the forum community and especially for your good patience.
I have every respect for you as a volunteer who has provided such good help, support and advice for so many players.
Please take good care of yourself. Many thanks and I hope you really do enjoy the bit of spare time you get back.


Enjoy your break @zephyr1, I’m very grateful for all the awesome content you’ve provided all this time! The forum and the mods are such an important part of this game (see: value!!), I really wish SG took better care of you guys :weary:


Enjoy this well deserved break, you friendly forum bot. :robot: :grin:

On a more serious note, I am really thankful for your gigantic contirbutions to this forum, you are a true legend. :slight_smile:

Here’s some music to help you relax even more :slight_smile:



For me, you have always been everything the forum should be, with an extra dollup of awesome!

I hope for selfish reasons that you return refreshed after a well deserved break.

I hope for you, that you do whatever you need to to take care of YOU.

My appreciation for all the work you have done cannot be expressed properly with words. But THANK YOU!


@Zephyr1, you have been doing a great, and mostly thankless job, and have maintained an absolutely positive attitude about it, even through some of the vitriol and negativity that has been unfairly and unjustly thrown against you, even being called names or given titles that don’t belong (e.g. Zynga/SGG mouthpiece, employee, apologist), and these do take a toll on the mind, even to the most optimistic and positive-attitude driven of people (and you have been one of the prime examples of such individuals, much more so than any one I’ve seen, at least virtually, since I have not had the chance to meet you in real life).

But these “bitter pills” that moderators were forced to swallow and have no where to let off steam but often times keep buried deep within would need to be released somewhat. And I believe you’ve deserved these breaks for everything that you have done, more so than any other game forum moderator I have came across. It is also good that other moderators have stepped up to help you do what you do best, and that’s organization and management.

As a fellow player like us, the other passionate portion from moderating is none other than the game itself, which from your recent posts and interviews have seen you expressed your frustration from what has been discussed in beta and what has been actually released. Long time, and more vocal players have expressed their frustration with beta experience, but when someone who is usually positive and optimistic about the game contents expressed similar frustrations, it is definitely signs of something amiss. I appreciate what you, the other mods and what beta testers have had to endure first hand and your unrelenting (and even seemed hopeless) efforts to try to get the game creators to listen. If this game and where it is going isn’t something we all care about, this game probably wouldn’t have retained the many of the player base that has been around for 2-3 years.

Relax, take a break, a step back (or a few), play some ocarina, take a longer breath when you are above the water, but I hope to still see you around and influencing the game / forum with your positivity.


See you soon Zephyr Ill be sure to tag you 100x when you finally come back. Just like old times :smiley:


Geez! That’s quite a lot of Graymanes! :joy:

Take care Zeph. Right decision.


From whatever I have observed - as a lurker and as a member of this forum - you have always been on top of taking care of every single important thing on this forum - with such speed AND precision, it’s almost beyond human comprehension. Whenever I see your post on any thread, it always gives me the reassurance that this forum is in the right hands! :slight_smile:

However, when one eventually faces burnout, everything becomes difficult to deal with. If you feel it’s time for a break, then you most probably need one.

So, all I can say to you is: Enjoy your time off. You most certainly deserve it.
Also, maybe you can say hello to us in the fun parts of the forum now and then? We’re always happy to have you around. :slight_smile:

Cheers!! :beers:


@zephyr1 We will make sand castles.
I kept you a packet of cookies (cookies with maxi pieces of chocolate).


Let’s not push him out the door guys…

…a break for Zephyr probably is closer to our equivalent of watching the forum “full-time”…

@Guvnor being the Bizarro to Zephyr’s Superman…I don’t want to expose his weaknesses as the converse will inevitably be my own weakness.