Time for a bit of a break (zephyr1)


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Beta Beat

Mortals. Bow down and listen. As the Legend himself explains the origin of . . . Beta Beat ( clicky, clicky )

You will always be the Legend of Zelda, er, Beta Beat.

Especially HotM Beta Beat discussions letting players save resources for an HotM that fits their play style.

The #1 thing that ever happened to Empires is Beta Beat, and I am including Atlantis Rising as #2 on that list and the setting up of an Empires and Puzzles forum as #3 ( 4 to 10 are our great forum staff, moderators, and content creators).


I STRONGLY recommend signing out of your forum account and just lurking on the forum for 1x to 2x weeks.

Every time I have come back from a lurking break, I have felt refreshed.

Mainly because lurking makes it hard to follow the negativity.