Time for a big change - STOP Mono Colour

mono sucks if ur board don’t give you your color.
restricting mono in teams will kill the playerbase.
why can’t players fight mono y mono?


It’s just a style of play just like everything else, buddy.

Whatever floats your kayak.


:rofl: :rofl: I see what you did there. :heart:


Different folks, different strokes. Some like raids, some hate them. Some like wars, some don’t. Some want to use rainbow teams. Others want to stack colours.
Where is the problem? Everybody can play according to their own preferences.
Why do people want to force other people to adapt to their preferred style of play?


i personally feel that all the mono videos lead more players to rage posting than any other form of fighting as no skill is showcased other than surviving a bad board to finally get some gems. i fight to combat my oppnents skills and make sure to defend whatever qeakness i have on my team to take down the others. i unfortunately have to 3-2 stack to kill grave due to roster limitations but any other hero i can go 2-1-1-1 or 2-2-1 at most. these will make sure i dont run my roster dry in wars and if i do lose a match its not an impossoble clean up cause my mono team got destroyed leaving very little damage to the opponent

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im all for personal playstyle but as a co leader in an alliance i want my players to have the most information they can to get maximum use of their rosters as they progress. monostacking teaches nothing as most newer players wont even be able to attemot a mono stack for a while. being able to complete events win raids fill chests withiut resorting to only crafting items such as the bomb em all technique used by lots of players in events.

there ia a much greater sense of pride when u dont resort to stacking and get the W and that is a feeling that pushes you on to greater things in this game


I don’t personally go mono anymore. I can take out very strong teams fairly regularly with 3-2. So I wouldn’t be crying if they limited teams to 3 or fewer heroes of a color.

But I disagree with your premise. I think you’re mistaking strong teams for skilled play in your analysis. It is much easier to win with a 3tack than with a 5tack. Even a very average tile pusher with good bench depth is going to win a lot 3tacking. Mono teams, on the other hand, don’t let you screw around, unless the RNGods smile on you.

Yeah, you can take a swing and knock out Ali if you go mono. But if you stack mono often, you’re either going to get really good at pushing tiles, or you’re going to be spending a lot of time flat on your back on the canvas.


I agree with the change proposed by Kerry, above all because the biggest problem generated by the stacking is the enormous impoverishment of the game. I have 8 5 * to top and more than 20 of 4 *, plus many others of 5 and 4 * in 3 ascension. Well, it all comes down to a monochrome team that, due to the synergies it produces, is very strong and earns at least 80% of the attacks, always attacking teams with over 2650 trophies and a strong defense rainbow of 4100. All the others are only used in mono-color titan, because I can make mono of 5 colors. As heroes keep falling, except for a small change in my defense, if the new one is worth it, they will go to the bank, no matter what they are. The game is very limited and impoverished.

being defeated by a mono raid hurts but I understand that they didn’t use skill rather brute color force. so i scoff at monos. in war it’s different because it’s either good or bad boards that make the win for points towards the war chest. but speaking raid i look poorly on ppl posting mono kills. no offense @KLinMayhem monos are great but no skill and if u get a bad board I chuckle at the bad rng.


i was flagged the other day during a post from a war between 7dd and Crystal palace. my comment? i asked why the top people in the game were in a war and all they wrre doing was running mono and 3-2 teams? if the top spenders in the game cant even showcase the skill of their rosters without 3-2 stacking whats the point of even having colors?

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To answer your question there is nothing wrong with it as such but…

If I wanted I luck game I would go to one of those casino slot machine games. In theory this is a puzzle game (sadly only match three) which implies there should be more skill than luck.

But SG seems to agree more with you than me, so I may need to find a game that actually rewards skill and practice and not people looking to win from pure luck (I have never seen the fun in that - it says nothing about your abilities as a person or show you how you are growing at what you are doing). Again, going back to poker if you like playing it with twos and one eyes jacks wild, there is nothing wrong with that, but I would rather use skill and strategy.

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I don’t agree this game is pure luck. The same players winning challenge events prove that because they’ve found a winning strategy.




MONO is a gamble, not a guarantee… There are ways to defend against mono, but you have to have the heroes to pull it off


There’s no reason to amplify damage when the tile mechanic is already concentrating it.

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yeas they buy a lot of crafting materials and run capped heroes. when someon finishes i. the money using no crafting items and didnt have +30 troops, that impresses me. the current system no one without huge sums of cash can win anything big. they need something to change that as watching the same people win over and over was old month 2. there needs to be events based on a team power level requirements to make things fairer. if all teams have to make a team that cant exceed say 3500 for a bracket this will lead to some real strategic builds for wins the current system crucifies new players just for being new

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you’re making it sound as if there is absolutely no skill required when stacking colours… I beg to differ. You still need to be able to evaluate your opponent and know where and when to use your special attacks. Just the same as when you use a rainbow team.

I have understood that you are strongly in favour of using rainbow teams. That is fine. I also applaud you for coaching your alliance members. But sincerely, you should also teach them to stack - especially for wars. Because members that don’t have a large roster of strong heroes can have more success with stacking in wars - because they can use lower star heroes and partly leveled heroes and still pack a punch at the opponent, which often is not possible with a weak rainbow team.

As for rage posting - believe me, that has been going on as long as I have been on the forum. Doesn’t make one bit of difference if people are being beaten by colour stacked heroes or just plain skill. Some people don’t like to lose and have hissy fits when they do.


Yep, that’s part of the strategy. Keep retrying stages until they get a very good board that cleans out the final stage in a single tile fire.


As I have always said team+skill should be the indicator of how well you do. I don’t think my current analysis is any different.

My suggestion (in another thread) was to do this:

1st hero = 100% attack
2nd hero of same color = 90% of their attack
3rd hero of the same color = 80% of their attack.

etc. Still some advantage of color stacking but it diminishes quickly. @Kerridoc had a different approach.

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Sorry we in the top alliances are in the top for a reason our defenses are so tough we have to resort to 3-2 4-1 mono. we can’t risk more in war on a semi-bad board. 3-2 is my fav. but being in the top competing alliances we have to strike down the defenses with skill speed and heroes. raids are different there isn’t a war chest betting on it.

i teach stacking 3-2 and 2 2 1 and 2 11 im sorry mono is their choice i would never recommend mono in any war as they have just used up over half their roster in one fight whats the good in that? you need a large bench to run mono i have people that can bately make it to round 2 with heroes if they run 2 3 -2 teams. none if us run mono and practic the same fighting styles and we win wars. our leader uas taken number 1 globally repeatedly and doesnot mono wver either. knowing when to use your specials is true but that doesnt matter if you are mono or not.

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