Time for a big change - STOP Mono Colour

Thank you for confirming my guess. I thought people were doing you a real disservice by characterizing your idea as something cooked up by the top alliances to protect themselves.

This whole exercise is all probably a tempest in a teapot, irrespective of what the formula is. My guess is that SG won’t change the mechanic for the simple reason that they want people to be able to raid up the leaderboard. Being able to beat strong players is exciting, and probably entices weaker players to spend more money on the game.

I had a very similar–if far less acrimonious–discussion with Gryphonknight recently about fixing the ELO cup system. And we kinda came to the same conclusion there: if SG didn’t like the current mechanic, they would have already changed it.


And for what? For what will someone spend money in summoning heroes, instead of taking gin and tonics, if they are worthless and, as the friend says “your hero of 1000 euros dies with 3 chips”? What is it worth summoning, uploading, working, etc. if this is a libertarian democracy where everyone has to have exactly the same and if the form is not manufactured? What effort should a 4 * go up in 3 or 4 days and effortlessly?

The point is, “Why do you care if someone beats your raid defense?” You won’t lose out on any ascension mats because of it.

If your point is that someone may beat your War defense because they used a mono team, well then that can affect your ascension mat income, but as already stated, if this is such a glorious tactic then there’s nothing preventing you and everyone else from doing the very same.

Many have already argued up above that using mono attack teams is not the best course, and honestly I’ve not seen a significant uptick in raid wins either, but it is fun to play using all one color. And if something is fun, and not giving me any win advantage…what the heck is the harm in how I’ve chosen to play?


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This is sorta like when my grandaddy told me to NOT be drinking that corn liquor. It ofc made me wanna drink the corn liquor.

I just went 50/50 on 4 raids using purely #MONO4EVA. And same as that corn liquor, didn’t give any real advantage.

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It sure felt good tho!


Read the posts. What’s your point? A ton of players post a defence that is sub par. If they’re raiding it’s so they can lose cups so when they log back on they can easily win raids to fill chests. Secondly, in the AW (that are absolutely broken as far as fair match ups) is it not possible that people have figured out how to get a weaker alliance match up? They have … And this has FA to do with running mono.

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Every last one of those people is complaining about the fact that they get beaten by weaker teams. And those are “average joes,” not elite players. My point is you’re mistaken about what the “average joes” really want, or would see as a beneficial change. The OP is a player with a “very average roster.”

The people most upset by the proposed change are skill players with strong, but not overwhelming, rosters. It’s the stronger F2P players who would see the biggest changes in their performance.

Garan your data collection is flawed. Your not taking into account the AI factor. Your data is getting skewed from your lack of understanding of the ai fundamentals. It’s a great social thing for you I get it.

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Not personally attacking just pointing it out.

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Do tell…

20 characters very interested in hearing this explanation.

I smell a troll…

Now now. We have no idea if he’s going to explain about:

  • weak target selection logic, including firing AoEs at the corners and not aligning debuffs with subsequent attacks
  • lack of coordination of specials
  • the fact that slash attacks are colorless and don’t stack
  • the exploitability of the interaction between the countdown timer on slashes and the mana bar
  • the left to right firing pattern on specials, and the ordering of specials, then slashes

Or some other fascinating detail which will explain why the damage equation and the mana gain asymmetry of stacking is insufficient to understand what’s going on.


Play the game. Figure it out for yourself. If you come to the conclusion everything is completely random well I’m not sure you’ll ever get it then.

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Well, the AI likely has non-random target selection logic, as discussed here and following:

Along with other similar discussions in various threads.

Or are you trying to allege something more sinister?

ETA: it is hard to express how amusing I find it when someone claims a critique of my ideas based on some mysterious facts I’m lacking, and then, when called on it, says “I’m not going to tell you!”


I was holding long to not join this discussion because it’s absolutely “holy war” thread. But I realized that I want to said few thoughts.

First of all lowering stacking calculation is first of all will kill 3-2 strategy. And even more will push players to play monochrome. Especially f2p players who don’t have much choice of heroes and must play with what they got (and yes they exist and they are many).

Second with tendency to produce more and more powerful Hotms it’s even more unlikely to decrease stacking effect (sorry but one new Hotm already have more skill properties than two ordinary heroes, and now they even started to have resists).

Third. Balance is good word but I played in many games and never saw perfect balance. And all rebalances in that games don’t did any good (fixed some old problems with creating even more new problems). So I really think that balance is “great justice” and not exist (and it’s almost impossible to create balance because too many things need to count and many of them not obvious ones and often will be noticed after rebalance). Not to say any balance must also count different things(not pure math) like abyss between f2p and p2W players and constant pushing Hotms for more and more powerful ones.

So monochrome stacking with 20% chances to have colour which needed is pretty good as it is and with prevail of powerful Hotms is must left as it is. Just my opinion.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


Introducing player spend as a dimension weakens this argument. Color stacking is simply an optimistic utilization of game mechanics. Clinging to the purity and “increased skill” of a rainbow team is a coping mechanism for people to deal with mediocrity. Players create artificial barriers and ideals all the time in games. Typically, these are middling players who like to play the victim and who have a desire to be among the elite.

The simple fact is, stacking increases damage / enemy mana generated in ideal situations. Given the mechanics, tuning, and other factors involved with combat, leveraging this benefit is critical to maximizing ones winning percentage. If Guinevere and Gravemaker were given to all players, the situation would be the same. Stop making this about player spend (P2W/ C2P / FTP). Given enough time, all players would encounter the same circumstance.

If you want to lobby for game mechanic changes that’s fine. Bring data and a wholistic viewpoint of game design and balance to the table.

To me, the #1 positive change this game could come out with would be an ability to observe and review matches. The unknown aspect of why losses occur is the seed of most player frustration. Mechanically, replaying an event stream of the game would be trivial to implement. It would also serve as a great foundation for generating intelligent, data driven conversations about game balance.


I’m really surprised that no one - no one - has mentioned that SG actually provides plenty of motivation to colour stack.

Elemental debuffs anyone? Are only really effective if colour stacking applies. Anyone want to get rid of those?
Mok-Arr only shines when used in a mono team. Does anyone believe this was an oversight by SG?

Elemental buffs? Anyone want to see Evelyn lose her ability?

What about titans? How many players would prefer to attack a titan with a rainbow team?


Hello, I do not agree with your point of view.I think everyone must and can use his game as he wishes !!! Used a single color for raids and war, also causes the fact that the table does not necessarily give us the tiles of our color.Each his problem to handle … It’s a game, fun and relaxation, free to play as we wish.Marre things that we are imposed !!! Good game to all

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