Time for a big change - STOP Mono Colour

What are you talking about? Disproportionate how exactly? More disproportionate than HOTM and event heroes? We are talking about a game here, it’s not an olympic sport, it has people shooting fire or ice out of their fingertips, and fighting under wather in full metal gear and you bring MATH into the conversation… No, sir, it’s all about the unsupportable idea of loosing to a weaker and cheaper team… well, that is part of the game, so deal with it, or move forward.

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It’s all about the top 1% staying at the top. If you have 25 fully ascended heroes you can work against any defence.

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That is the beauty of the game! It allows you to fly high, even if you fall hard and fast afterwards…

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I think you’ll find that the OP is hardly an “elite 1%” player:

Anyone who thinks that $100/month on this game is “insane spending” doesn’t have a bench of 25 5*.

And I’m level 31, with 0 maxed 5* heroes. I’m not exactly protecting my “elite” 3250 TP defense, with Buddy tanking, here…

Now, can we please get off the “attack other players because I don’t like their ideas” kick? If you think the idea is bad, then that is what you should be criticizing.

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How is it an imbalance when everyone can do it if they so choose? It worked for a lot of players to reach the top but now they want it changed so it’s harder to be dethroned? Bottom line is why change it now? It’s more of a social issue than a game issue.

Do me a favor and read these posts. Point to the top 100 player, would you? These are average joe players who feel like the current mechanic is unfair…

It is not, nor ever has been a game issue. The game works just fine, stacking has always been around, and guess what: nothing has changed!

Most of those posts seem to be added by people with, let’s say, limited understanding of how this game works… hell, someone there complains about his 4* team being defeated by many 1 and 2* teams… this is unheard of… never has my defense been successfully raided by 3* teams… a player that wields a 1 and 2* team has no idea what staking color means or how to take advantage of it!

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I agree 100%. But I’ll bet you that’s how the “average joe” player who doesn’t visit the forum feels about the current mechanic.

Again, I totally see your point about being concerned for the effects on F2P/C2P rosters of the proposed change. But I want is to move away from casting this discussion as “us vs them,” and toward debating the in-game consequences.

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Anyway, I did not feel the presence of any “average Joe” around this thread…:sunglasses:

I suspect the OP actually is… But any thread that Zero and Uclapack visit is going to feel pretty hoity toity :grinning:

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A assume these are calculated using the formula that states that, ignoring all other variables, the damage is attack ^ 1,35. The numbers do not match with the empirical data I gathered by playing map level 12-9 using a green stack. My sample size is quite small but the results should be in the right ballpark. I counted only “simple” tile damage, ignoring all combos. The results are averages of 10-30 tiles, with the exception of test 2 boss damage, which is an average of 3 tiles.

Four tests, using maxed Caedmons and Melendors, with unlevelled 1* troops.

Test 1. Single Melendor, attack: 742

  • Mob damage: 68,9 / tile
  • Boss damage: 45,3 / tile

Test 2. Three Melendors, attack: 2226

  • Mob damage: 235,9 / tile (expected ^ 1,35 formula, should be 303,6 - simple multiplication would give 3 * 68,9 = 206,7)
  • Boss damage: 178,3 / tile (expected ^ 1,35 formula, should be 199,6 - simple multiplication 135,9)

Test 2, Three Melendors, two Caedmons, attack: 3600

  • Mob damage: 392,1 / tile (expected 581 - simple multiplication 334)
  • Boss damage: 299,2 / tile (expected 382 - simple multiplication 220)

So the damage is not calculated simply by adding the damages of the individual heroes, but it is also not quite the attack ^ 1,35 either. I am just wondering if that formula applies to color stacking at all. Or is the damage calculation different on map levels than in raids?


Not sure about that… he joined may, 20, '18… so definitely no newbie… and he did touch a sensitive subject…

This is the linearizarion effect we were talking about. I’ve done similar data collection, and come to the same conclusion you have. But we don’t have an updated formula yet.


This is now officially the most tedious thread on this forum.


You are completely right. My roster is very average.
But i have some 5* already…

Makes one question what solutions are ‘necessary’ since we don’t even know for certain that the formula is correct. In my limited runs, it works fine for att/def near 1 (most tile damages), but starts to be less accurate at the extremes, which has been recently documented.

Thank you for confirming my guess. I thought people were doing you a real disservice by characterizing your idea as something cooked up by the top alliances to protect themselves.

This whole exercise is all probably a tempest in a teapot, irrespective of what the formula is. My guess is that SG won’t change the mechanic for the simple reason that they want people to be able to raid up the leaderboard. Being able to beat strong players is exciting, and probably entices weaker players to spend more money on the game.

I had a very similar–if far less acrimonious–discussion with Gryphonknight recently about fixing the ELO cup system. And we kinda came to the same conclusion there: if SG didn’t like the current mechanic, they would have already changed it.


And for what? For what will someone spend money in summoning heroes, instead of taking gin and tonics, if they are worthless and, as the friend says “your hero of 1000 euros dies with 3 chips”? What is it worth summoning, uploading, working, etc. if this is a libertarian democracy where everyone has to have exactly the same and if the form is not manufactured? What effort should a 4 * go up in 3 or 4 days and effortlessly?

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