Time for a big change - STOP Mono Colour

Been wondering when such a topic/discussion would appear on the forums… I believe it’s been a long standing debate between @Anchor (mono) and @Xero786 (4-1, 3-2), and it definitely pops up quite often on the former’s live streams.

If you’ve got a limited roster and want to hit higher TP (4k+) teams, stacking is the way to go. However, you can’t just stack any hero and think it’s a win. Synergy between heroes is important, but more importantly, getting a half decent board at the start, and working with or around it.

I spent a couple of months playing with 3-2 teams and was having a lot of fun hunting GMs & Guins amongst the top alliances. Boldtusk and Wilbur have been staple in my 3-2 teams. There’s a thread where we share our kills on known players and forum users titled ‘Fighting familiar names’.

I’ll post a couple here:

Against @Lobo (CA Lobo?):

Against Amduat from Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy:

With 3-2 stacking, you just have to focus on the two colours played and build up your specials. You’ll get a good hit 60% of the time, and win 80-90% of the matches if you priortise your targets. It’s true, I’ve got great heroes for 3-2 stacking but at the end of the day, this game relies quite heavily on luck tbh… Luck in pulls, luck in getting ascension mats, luck of the board, etc… Even if you spend tons of cash, you’re not likely to get what you need unless Lady Luck is on your side.

After a while, it got dull playing 3-2 so I moved on to mono stacking. I enjoy the added challenge of playing only a single colour from the board. It’s a part of the game where no matter what heroes you bring, you’re at the mercy of the board gods, and it can be horribly painful. Not so much while raiding, but definitely in Alliance War.

Even with a bad start, forcing play can have its rewards. Notice in the next video that I force Guin to fire first rather than try and fix the purple match at the top of the board, allowing me time to get more purple tiles on the board for a kill. Skill? Nope… Just thinking a few moves ahead. I’m actually skill-less, but not clueless… My heroes hold the skills I need to finish the match…:wink:

Against @CowboyJBB from Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy:

And sometimes, it’s just a walk in the park…

Against @Lygeia (7DH Lygeia?):

I like playing fast, and mono stacking actually slows me down a bit so I can think on my next couple of moves. All it takes is a single mistake, or taking out the wrong heroes, and your 5v2/3 could turn into a disaster.

There are different playstyles to rainbow, 3-2, 4-1, mono, etc… A lot depends on what you have on your roster, and how you can make those heroes work for you to the best of their skills. I’ll probably get bored of mono eventually too, and probably move on to raiding with Atlantis families once I pull and have all of them levelled…:rofl:

Leave the game as it is… It’s all fun at the end of the day :grin: