Time Bomb (Superstitious pulls)

  • Fozzie, you are genius. This is going to turn Legendary !!!

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first, Time Bomb summon with Fozzie,
is approaching…

Prepare lucky hat and 300 gems. More info soon.


I was hoping this would be a thread!

Ride on!


17:27 ( 19 hours ago )

Finally reached gas station.


I need one super mana potion to fulfill my holy monster chest.

Vivica :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem. How long time on the road ?

7 days. I am hungry as a lion.

(Radio plays)

Super Mario World

(Fozzie is drinking super mana potion)

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What’s going on here? Click bait?

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( absolute silence in audience )

Vivica, this is very best potion.

Thank you Fozzie, I am doing my best. But, be aware, it contains meteor fragments. It is possible to change your element. Dont drink too much.

Really ? That´s interesting.

Yes, it is. I am still in search how it works to fix this never ending problem.

Great, thank you for the info !
I am in search for an adventure. Can you recommend me something more interesting than falling meteor ?

Unfortunately not. The very best, what I can recommend, is falling meteor. Exactly.
Here you have one adventure´s kit. Your first contact is Ariel.

Location: Teple of Poseidon. Tomorrow. 22:27
Hurry !

This is excellent. I wasn´t expecting such a interesting mission. How much for that kit ?

300 gems.

300 gems ? Are you healthy ?

Fozzie, it ´s 300 % perfect action. Here you have sunglasses for free, epic hero token and one more super mana potion.

OK, thank you.

10 000 alkashards, Vivica, what are you doing here and why are everywhere meteor fragments ?

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And the most important, where is Ariel ?

No worries, she’ s almost alive. Ursena is trying to resurrect her.
They are in temple. Poseidon still don´t know.

What happened ? Thank´s god you are so late. There was horrible meteor storm.

Fozzie ??

11:57AM (On the highway to Moscow)

Radio plays

And four Mississippi, you’re home
Like nothin’ ever happened at all

I like the way, that you set the scene
The way you breathe in your nicotine
I like the way it burns when you say goodbye

Woohooo, Fozzie, this is such a fast ride !!

Fozzie, honey, please, can you ask Seshat 1 to throw one or more minions over the roof ? Sun is way too strong on me. How long time for the next gas station ?

Francine, please, can you ask Seshat 2 to ask Seshat 1 if she can throw one or more minions over the roof ? If she dont mind, she can ask Seshat 2 to do the same.

Thank you !!!


Vivica´s treasure
1x Orb of Magic
6x Training manual
6x Fine gloves
6x Tall boots
6x Strong rope

Where are my Tonics ???

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Where is that dumb bear ?

Pepé ( King Prawn )

Fozzie stayed in Moscow. Now as a politician on his worldwide mission.


What happened directly whe you woked up Pepé ?

Pepé ( King Prawn )

Pressed few single shots and 10x button. I need a dog.

So, @Fozzie_Bear and @Toxicandra are two (2) forum accounts of one and the same person? If so, isn’t that against forum rules?

It s me, Pepé.

Nice to meet you, Ultra.

Fozzie lost his password to both, forum and email. He is using Last Pass now.

Nice smile !!

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( yellow cab ride )

Fozzie, you are not playing anymore. Why ?

Fozzie : I am really missing out war, fullfiling of cauldron, friends, RNG, gods, new Legendary HOTMs, summoning portal… but now I am playing Alien Worlds and preparing to be Executive in Star Atlas.


Vivica : Fozzie, what you are going to do with your valuable account ?

Fozzie : I would like to sold him for 10 000 USD

OK, no problem.

Richard : Hell YEAH !!! Vivica !!!

( As a memorandum, I would like to synchronize raid with Purple mono team,
every Sunday, 20:00 - 20:30 (UTC)


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