Time between Morlovia and Santa event is too short

Summer = hot
Desert (or beach) = hot
Sand empire in desert / at beach = hot = sand

Thus connection :stuck_out_tongue:

I will cry cultural ignorance on this one. Never heard of it but I’ll go look it up.

But that kind of goes back to the “universally celebrated” side of things…

Admittedly not all the western celebrations are in all Asian cultures these days either.


Might as well make it an Ibiza event :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Maybe that should be the next evolution of the Costume Chamber, a Swimwear Chamber for Summer. Proteus will finally have some company in the skimpy wear department…


It kinda is actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Roc is straight out of the Arabic mythology. (Read more: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roc_(mythology))

The rest of the sand empire heroes have arabic based names (loosely) and are visually based on the chess pieces.

Chess was originally developed in Arabic culture and was originally called “Shatranj”. The original pieces looked a little different and had different names before it got Catholosided by the Middle Ages Western Europeans…

You can read more about it here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shatranj

Admittedly SGG used the European pieces for the names and looks of the Sand Empire Heroes but I’ll give them part marks lol.
(E.g. there was no “Queen” in Shatranj as females had a relatively low standing in Arabic court. Instead they had the ferz who was basically coundelor to the Shah (king))


Don’t use some of the EHT.
It’s not always others fault.
If in one year you get for example 24 eht. You should use 6 in each event, no matter how many you have in that moment…
So you could have saved some from morlovia for Christmas if it was so important for you…
I wanted to save some but I couldn’t…
At least I got Victor, so I am very happy, my first event 5* after 3 years playing as f2p


You are really the one making calls when you use the tokens, not the calendar. If you feel that between summer and halloween you are able to hoard more than between halloween and Christmas then just don’t use all of them on halloween to make up for the difference. It really aint that hard. While the inconsistency in the gaps between the events is a bit annoying, that’s really not the SG fault, right? Halloween is in October, Christmas are in December, that’s 2 months apart. Can’t celebrate Christmas in February. The fact that Easter is a moving holiday also does not quite help.

It is what it is, but you are the one managing your tokens and if you decided to spend them all on Halloween and couldn’t save any for Christmas, that’s really on you, not on the event schedule.


EP could make the Morlovia event ends on Halloween day and the Santa event starts on Christmas. The events will still have the appropiate dates and there is almost 2 months gap in between.

Fair point, but people get excited for Christmas stuff through December, and Christmas time is the climax for all that period. On January 15th Santa Claus is kinda passe.

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I think starting on Christmas would be too late, currently it takes in advent and the build up to epiphany/ nollaig na mban otherwise it would be end of January before it finishes


I know December is the spending month. That’s the reason Santa event starts at December 1st.
I’m just 8 months in this game and both Morlovia and Santa are new to me. You can’t expect a new player already planning a year ahead for distributing the EHT.

Also the duration of the new Santa event is 34 days. That’s ridiculous long. Why is this so different than a regular seaonal event that takes only 2 weeks. If the Santa event was 2 weeks and starts on Christmas then it ends in the first week January. That’s not unreasonable.

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The Christmas is so long since it’s sort of a double event, it covers two elements (ice and fire).

You can still accumulate tokens during the event, so your only arguing about a week or so if you start on 25th for two weeks as opposed to the current system ending early Jan. Most FTP might get 1 token in a week, so your proposing changing the event for the sake of 1 summon?

Christmas event is the longest and has the best loot out of the pervious seasonal events.

usually players plan snd save more on which they prefer to use tokens on.

you still have time during the event to get more tokens.

Sarcasm at its best lol :rofl:

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One could technically have the event start a bit later, and have it run through the original date of Christmas, using the Julian calendar, which is widely called “Orthodox Christmas”, which is January 7th. The advantage there would be to spread it out a bit from the other events, and capture Christmas buying in more areas.

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What’s wrong with the Gregorian calendar?

For the OP: Most (if not all) of the featured Christmas heroes are slow mana. IMO you’re better off saving your EHTs for January/February in the hopes of getting Bertilla or Urinaeus.


Sorry if I don’t get it, but I can’t see a problem here?
The time between Easter event and Sand is around 2 and a half months and there are 2 monthly events between to collect coins, the time between Halloween and the end of Christmas (you know, you can also spend your EHT in the end) is also around two and a half months (1 week in Oktober, November, Dezember, nearly one week in January) and there are also 2 monthly events between to collect coins and nobody was complaining the time between Easter and Sand is to short.
So you have nearly the same time and possibilities to collect your coins and diamonds.
If you put Christmas one month later there will be some who are complaining that the time between the new Christmas date and Easter is to short.


I put the blame on earth’s orbit, only 365 days around sun. Mars is better.


Beyond what everyone else has said, this is simply untrue. The events haven’t changed in time since they were introduced. The spring event moves some, but blame that on the first Council of Nicaea.

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Planning my EHT usage per seasonal event is more pertinent than asking for extra time, which may NOT be practically possible each time

I think the Christmas event is the most player friendly of all of them. You get MORE than a month to complete it. You get more free stuff than any on the events. You don’t like the December HOTM, this event allows you to use your tokens in January too.

While the OP perhaps has regret for using all those tokens for the Morlovia event, that’s user error not the fault of the Santa’s challenge

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Well, Im FTP, and in my case here’s how I see it:

  • the 4th month : April - Springvalle event
  • the 7th month : July - Sand empires (started in June ended in July)
  • the 10 th month : October - Morlovia (Started in Oct ended in November)
  • the 1st Month : January - Christmas (Started in Dec ended in Jan)

sooo basically the time gap for every seasonal event are 3 months each. (4 - 7 - 10 - 1)

I still think the time to collect those EHT during each events are just equal.

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