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I am not sure if Bugs & Issues is the corect place, please move if wrong.

Since Version 30 the german abbreviations for times left ( days, hours , minutes, seconds ) have changed from d/h/m/s to T/S/m/s.
I myself find it somehow annoying since the former, english abbrteviations are very common in Germany. To be honest, I don’t know any example which uses the T/S/m/s. We always use d/h/m/s here as well.
Also, why is m and s lower caps? ‘Minuten’ and ‘Sekunden’ are both written caps in german, just as ‘Tage’ and ‘Stunden’. If I could decide, I would change it back to english abbreviations in future :stuck_out_tongue:
I am curious how other (german) players think about it.



Thanks @Skydot just went to the forum to create a thread to ask for a re-work.

The T for Tage (days) is OK for me, but the S for Stunden (hours) is a really bad idea, because it is looking like a 5 and also nobody in Germany is using an S for hours, just because of this behavior. Would be great if this could be undone @Petri

Added a screenshot to show how annoying it is.


Same here, I don‘t like the new abbreviations in the German translation. Nobody uses these in Germany.
Anyway, most of the time I switch to English language, because of this forum here.

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Yep extremely annoying #changerequest

Thanks for feedback!
Since they’re not common in Germany the abbrevations seem Google-translated somehow. This lets me also think of costume Tiburtus’ translation ‘Herzog des Steins’. The music genre is called ‘Rock’ in germany as well. This translates more like ‘Duke of stone’ which is weird. :smiley:


You did change the “h” for hours to “S” for Stunde in the German translation of the game. Please take that back. In Germany we use d, h, m and s for the time intervals as well - not T, S, M, S… The change is really bad and technically wrong. And it makes my eyes bleed.


The S does look a lot lika a 5 and it’s very confusing and hard to read.
I know it was meant well but I’d prefer it to be changed back too.

Completely agree. It’s a bad typeface and the abbreviations are uncommon and not a German standard. The former version (d,h,m,s) was absolutely fine. Most of these are even official (derived from Latin afaik).

Please change it back. I really regard it a translation bug.

Completely agree! Please change back again. It’s totally confusing and the S is difficult to read. Thanks @Petri

Mainly the reason why this is not used in Germany is the fact, that Stunden and Sekunden start both with S…hence it might be confusing with a short look. Hence even in Germany we use the English pattern to avoid this.

extremely confusing and annoying. PLEASE change back to the way it was before.

Actually I changed my system language to English to force all games using English. Some offer language selection regardless of the system settings, but some don’t. The reason being that, in my personal humble opinion, the content of many games like E&P (or anything related to Warhammer) often sounds totally ridiculous in German. I just enjoy games more in English. It’s also the reason why I’m leading an English speaking alliance and not a deutsche Ally. :wink:

Although i guess we all will get used to this unfamiliar abbreviation ‘S’ for hours, i agree that it is not common in Germany and would like to see it changed back again as well. :wink:

I changed the language to English, too, because of that.

Before, the SI units were used which are common almost everywhere. Now it’s something completely wrong :sob: and unreadable, too, because of the S/5 problem in German.

Currently I am using the english version anyway, so I didn’t notice the difference yet.
But I agree, I would be irritated by that, as well.

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I’ll just add another voice of support for changing it back.

Same here, please change it back!

Hello or Hallo zusammen :wink:

The change of time abbrivations forced me to switch to English settings. The current settings in German are a real pain in the … neck.
Please redo this asap.

Greatings Gamelover


When I first saw it, it took some time to understand what was wrong

abbreviation for “hour” is “h” also in Italian, we never write “o”, even though we say “ora”.
The “h” comes from Latin and Greek not from English.

Seriously do you think we don’t understand what “d h m” mean?!?!?!?

Please change it back!


Oh wow, just thought the new German version is annoying, but the little ‘o’ makes sure that nobody has checked the different languages before they where going live.

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