Tima's "Unofficial" Official Guide to Speed Levelling



I’ve got Obakan maxed and find him very good indeed. As part of a rainbow team of snipers or in a purple stack, I would definitely rate him as worthy of the ascension mats.

And I’ll say it again (at the risk of upsetting people), but that grading chart does nothing other than put players off of using the heros they summon. “He/she is rated a C, therefore I’ll do nothing with my game until I get a better one”. Pfft…learn to use, and enjoy using, what you get.


Honestly, for a 4* healer, yes, I would still pick Rigard first. :smile:

Additionally, I think @madmarv is spot on in his assessment, and assuming your priorities line up with what he has pointed out:

Then it seems working on Rigard first would be a wise choice indeed! :smile:


I have Kiril, Boldtusk, and Rigard. Since I pulled them in that order, Kiril is maxed, Boldtusk is on his final run at 4th chevron, and Rigard is waiting for me to finish Gafar.

I whined forever about not having Rigard for raids and alliance wars, but for completing the maps, I find that Kiril + antidotes is superior. Antidotes are cheap at the basic level, and you can carry ten at a time, so it’s fast for me to clear whatever state is on my team (blind, -def, -attack, etc). Kiril’s beauty lies in both his general fortitude and his superior buffs to both defense and attack.

So for times when one can’t have battle items - Rigard. For titans of the right colors and for the map, Kiril is the healer par excellence.



Very good summation. I adore Obakan, temporarily broken or not, because he’s fast and often takes out a wounded flank while dealing decent damage to the tank.

But those elusive tabards… :rage:


I am at the point you described where I have many mid level heros. I have the HotM and trying to level. I appreciate your thoughts as I came here looking for ideas about which way to proceed. I am wondering your experience or others, should I get my HotM to skill 8 BEFORE using mixed hero colors x 10? Or does it just come randomly as you go?


Try farming 8.7. This has a very good chance of getting high numbers of troops to help with your training.


While it is more efficient to use the same color feeder on any hero, with 4* or 5* heroes, you don’t need to worry about maxing their special skill, it will happen inevitably regardless of how you feed them.

There are simply too many levels for a 5* to climb, so the special skill will max out well before you finish ascending/levelling the hero. :smile:

Hope it helps,
:slight_smile: Tima


Tima, haven’t quite figured out quoting, so I will restate your questions. “Where do you farm?” Sadly the answer to that is 8.7. The reason is that it produces the most recruits per world energy. Based on my current calculations recruits are my most constrained resource as it relates to experience. I currently have 4,650 recruits in the bank with a 2K deficit to convert all my swords, backpacks and clothes. In terms of experience per recruit, swords are the worst deal 5 recruits for a 1* hero, clothes are much better 2 recruits for a 1* hero. The math for backpacks is more complicated but it falls more or less in the middle. So it is not at all surprising that you have a sword surplus. In fact if you don’t have a sword surplus you most likely have a recruit problem.

Food - as time and builders permit I do upgrade food production. I currently produce 1M food per day (excluding raids, boxes and forge usage). It only takes about 3.5M to fully ascend a 5* so that fits with my 1 week plan. I currently have enough food to convert all swords, backpacks and clothes. I can also “deposit” more food by transferring recruits from TC11 to TC20.

I am sitting on a one time only burst of experience from 3 months of collecting clothes (1871 clothes for 291K experience about 80% of a fully ascended 5*). I am trying to calculate the sustainable rate of experience gain by tracking my daily recruit delta. While I don’t have numbers yet my intuition says 15K per day or about 25 days of banking to fully ascend a 5*. (12 days for a 4*).


After clicking “Reply,” just highlight the portion you would like to quote - a pop-over “Quote” button will appear. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if this is sad, really. Though I frequently rotate through other stages (6.8, 13.5, 15.9, 23.11) depending on my priorities/necessities/boreddom - but 90% of the time 8.7 is the same level that I farm, and many(many) others as well - I was just curious for confirmation of my own farming strategy. :slightly_smiling_face:

You clearly have the food situation under control - I didn’t realize (thought I probably should have suspected) that your planning had been so meticulous. :slightly_smiling_face: lol @ “only 3.5M” to ascend a 5* :rofl:

Just for clarification - If I’m following you correctly, you mean that you have enough Rugged Clothes on hand, and Recruits “in the bank,” to train 291k worth of 1* feeders from TC19, and you are approaching it this way because the materials cost in TC19 per hero is lower? And you’re keeping these “banked” recruits in TC11?

I would be interested to see the outcome of your work here.

Thank you again for contributing your insight and experience, I sincerely appreciate it! :smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: Tima


Still collecting data but it looks like if you don’t run swords through TC1 you can maintain a net positive flow on recruits. I have dropped them from my banked experience calculation. Recruit production is somewhat depressed while collecting Atlantis coins in season 2.


By running your recruits through TC11/TC19 instead?

Ah, yes, the joy of working through those beastly swamplands to appease Tarlak! If only Misandra hadn’t … wait … what was it Misandra did again?? :laughing:

:slight_smile: Tima


TC11 is sustainable with 8-7 farm. TC19 and TC1 are not.


The limiting factor as stated by many other in some threads are Recruit.
Some good thread suggest to use the food bank (tc 12 then 13 then 20) & recruit bank idea (tc4 then tc11)

1x 2* give 2.6x the xp of a 1*

  • tc1 : 5 recruit = 1x 1*, 10 recruit = 2x 1*
  • tc2 : 5 recruit for 50% 1* / 50% 2* each , 10 recruit give 1x 1* + 1x 2* (average)
  • tc19 : 2 recruit for a 1*, 10 recruit - 5x 1*

In summary for 10 recruit those tc give equivalent of xp of:

  • tc1 : 2x 1*
  • tc2 : 3.6x 1* | 3.6/2 = 1.8x better than tc1
  • tc19 : 5x 1* | 5/2 = 2.5x better than tc1 | 5/3.6 = 1.389x better than tc2

considering this, when you think speed leveling you need to think tc19 first, until you lack rugged clothing.

NOTE: tc11 is the best of all tc for xp / recruit (I think it’s a 50/50 change for 1* / 2* , if anyone can confirm).
so 4 recruit would give 3.6x 1* in xp * = 9x 1* xp for 10 recruit
It’s disadvantage is being slow.

I don’t yet got my first tc19, but I been slowing the feeder run I was doing in tc2, since I realised I would get more xp later so a faster leveling once I reach that point.

***Corrected tc4 for tc2


Hello Good Sir / Ma’am!

Thank you for taking the time to layout the math, it certainly helps my understanding of the efficiencies of the different Training Camps! :slight_smile:

Ahh, there’s the rub. While you have certainly demonstrated that TC19 is more efficient than TC1 and TC4 - we have to take into consideration how long it can take to bring your TC up to level 19.

Especially when you are in need of stronger heroes, stopping at TC19 for efficiency sake and trying to bring your next TC to Level 20 will only add to the length of time before you can begin Legendary training for that elusive 5* hero. :slight_smile:

Again, this depends on your priorities. As I stated in the introduction to my “Guide:”

For someone in this “early-game” stage of development, I would suggest skipping over TC19 in favor of TC20; once you begin Legendary Training, you could then start the build-up of another TC (Probably 13) to level 19.

As you begin to move from an “early-game” stage of development(for both your base and your heroes) into what I would consider to be a “mid-game” stage of development, I think it is very important to start working toward more efficiency, so your points are valid - it’s really just a question of the timing and ones personal goals/priorities.

And as someone who is still progressing between these two stages of development myself, I am constantly training in TC11, so this is reassuring!

Additionally, I have begun the slow crawl from TC13 to TC19 based on the things that have been shared in this thread(I’m at TC16 now) - so I truly do appreciate your taking the time to read through and make these contributions!

Please, guys, keep the feedback coming! Perhaps this could lead to a new project for me, “Tima’s “Unoffical” Official Guide to Power Levelling - Late Game Edition!” :laughing:

:slight_smile: Tima


A good point! :slight_smile: Furthermore, 8-7 will also drop Backpacks and Practice swords frequently enough that you should have no problem keeping TC1, TC2 and TC11 running almost full time (I rarely have enough Backpacks coming from 8-7 to run TC2 24/7)

But despite my Backpack drought, 8-7 is where I do most of my farming. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Tima


Note, You don’t lose any time to get a TC19 first before doing SH20 then TC20.
Peoples might think to rush SH20 then do the TC after.
Just changing the order slightly to benefit from TC19 sooner. no time added in the end to get a first TC20.
You get a whole week while SH20 is upgrading to research (8h for TC19) and then run the feeder run you been postponing.
Actually it will be more than a week for me, cause I still have to upgrade some iron storage to have enough iron to upgrade SH20.
After that I take that TC19 to TC20 and will postpone feeder run for the next tc to reach 19


I now have 2 TC20, 1 TC11 and 1 TC19. But as my TC19 used almost all the food and recruits i banked i’m running TC19 at TC2 e TC11 until i have enough food and recruits to spend the rest of my rugged clothes. At 8-7 you don’t make enough backpacks for a day at TC2, but at least 12 hours you get.


Ahhh, I see how I misinterpreted your original post to mean keeping TC19 active while bringing a different TC up to 20.

Instead, you are suggesting to take advantage of the efficiency of TC19 while building up Iron Storage and the Stronghold! This is a brilliant strategy! :smiley:

It is insight like this that leads me to continuously solicit feedback - Thank you!

:slight_smile: Tima


Sustainable training: I believe that TC2 (backpacks), TC11, TC19 (clothes) and TC20 are “fully sustainable”. By that I mean that you will farm enough recruits to convert all those materials with a minor recruit surplus.

Recruit source: 8.7 ~10 recruits per run 48 runs per day (144 flags/3 per) = 480 recruits per day

Recruit usage:
TC113 + TC20 uses 122 recruits per day or
2 + TC20*2 uses 148 recruits per day

Even with some quests and events that don’t deliver recruits efficiently there should be about a 200 recruit surplus. Looking back over a few weeks, I am farming about 30 backpacks and 20 clothes a day. The recruit cost to convert these are:

Backpacks 30x5=150
Clothes 20x2=40

The residual surplus is very small but exists.


TC19 uses 2.880 recruits per day(120 per hour), so it’s impossible to run one full time. 8-7 will get you 20 per hour.