Tiles not charging mana

Many players and I have noticed that lots of times in raids or wars tiles are completely not charging heroes in attack of same color.

That is mostly commonly happening in raids evidently fixed for attacker to lose (yes, programmers, we know how that’s working, many of us are colleagues), but I assume making tiles fail like this it’s a bit out of hand.

I do hope this is going to be fixed soon, otherwise this may lead to consequences, for this game is involving money and too many friends are starting to be really pissed off. It is hard for too many to assume this was some kind of “pure bug”.

Thank you for your time, hope to hear good news soon.


Hm so you mean you fire 3 tiles and just get mana worth 2 tiles, or dont you get any mana?

I feel sorry for the following question, as i dont know if you are a beginner.
Are you sure that you actually have a hero of the color you turned tiles of?
Sometimes peole always used to play 5 colors, and then leave this idea and play without blues for example. In that case of course no mana can be gained when playing blue tiles

Other possibility I am not sure of:
When affected by miss chances, possibly the missing tiles dont generate mana… never really noticed it, so i am quite sure they should generate mana anyways.

Last possibility.
You have been affected by manaslowing or manageneration blocking effects.


This is a very common answer to similar complaints. Some are quite subtle, like the sorcerer talent and easily missed

Not at all, it’s quite a time I’ve been playing and this has started happening just lately. Fellow players in alliance have noticed exact same.

It’s like when you activate a green shard with board full of green tiles, but green hero doesn’t get even a slight raise of mana. No effects involved, I’ve been checking well before coming here ranting.

This is usually happening after few win strikes in raids or war, making of course miss the spot and losing the attack.
I’m reporting either mine and other people’s experience, for we’ve experienced the exact same, I’ve come to know.

Say what now? Quite the conspiracy theory…

Definitely time to make videos of your fights. I record all of them and delete them a few hours later.

Until I see it on tape, I dont believe it, because its the first time I hear it, and we had a ton of wars with either super boards for all or super hard boards for all of my alliance.

Possibly it is a bug, but that would be on your alliance exclusive.


Our alliance is noticing this to a very large degree in our current war, it’s seems like it has gotten worse with the last update. One of our best players just rage quit! Many of our highly experienced long term players are all saying that the opposing team is getting fully charged without them being able to even charge 1 of their hero’s. It’s like there is a bug in certain versions of the game or something as it’s fine for me on the latest version on iPhone.

Video evidence would be quite handy being this hasn’t got more people saying about the issue.

same problem we faced in our Alli, but support replied there is no problem… haha…

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How is it even possible? I have felt this sensation before but i thought it was purely because of bad luck.
I dont think that raids could be fixed… they are random or not? the board

Any videos of this occurring?

friends of mine have already recorded, i’m waiting for next war attacks to get some personally, won’t publish someone else’s stuff, they will.

i’m not the kind of person coming here writing for rage, i know matches are sometimes fixed for growth issues (ie: making us spend money to get stronger; i’m quite well trained in economics), but this feature is beyond ridiculous, at lest try something more sophisticated.

I never noticed this situation very carefully, it was really good to see a video.

Well I am not the biggest fan of chemtrails or flat earth theory and I will fully apologize if there is going to be “true” evidence with recorded videos.

I am absolutely sure that tiles are completely random. We had 3 or 4 weeks of war attacks and listed up the amount of tiles depending on which color we went mono-stack.
And it was fully around every estimation of statistics.

What I think is possible is:
The hot hand phenomenon

In short and transferred to E&P this phenomenon describes that:

  • after 3 or 4 “good and easy” fights/boards people start stating this as the average board/fight.
  • when then statistically there are 2 fights at the other extreme (bad boards), people are surprised and unable to understand that it is still fully logical regarding statistics

So from 6 fights, 4 are great and 2 are bad, thats still above average and people would still question the 2 bad boards.

There is also a psycholocial phenomenon that describes the missing ability to understand these statistics, but I forgot the name. But as humans we are evolutionally not trained to (because not needed to) understand statistics and possible outcomes.

Still: they surely dont give you bad boards to make you buy more stuff. First of all it should be illegal and second point is, that there is enough space to push players to invest money.

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Videos or didn‘t happen…
If you are not giving any evidence we can‘t help you :frowning:
Even a screenshot after the described case happened would help!

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As to me, evidence is coming as far as I play a war.

Maybe try to mind whom you’re dealing with, because it may happen that somebody has more confidence with statistics and programming than you, sometimes.
Mostly, if you read my post properly, you’d get that it is not about a problem of stats on tiles color frequency, but tiles activated not charging mana: means not same section on tree architecture.

Lastly, I’m very sorry, for you won’t hear of flat Earth or chemtrails here: try among your friends, looks like it’s more proper group, mate :wink:

If that’s the case, I am not affected.
I have tested a lot with Malosi the last weeks, counted all yellow tiles to have him charged to follow how his special is working to different heroes.
If it would have taken more time to charge him, I am pretty sure I would have noticed.

What I could think about as possible reason, is Tellys Mana slow down of 34%. This could make a big difference and with so many Tellys out there, this could be a good explanation why so many of your teammates are affected.

So, let’s see the videos please!

Why do I have the strange feeling that no video evidence will be shown.
Either SG “knows” when you record a video and of course they wont let this evidence get caught on tape.
Or after this topic was created the 7 SG workers in their suits and sunglasses had to react and stopped the “hey lets just sometimes not give mana for tiles, that people will spend more money”

Again: if evidence happens to be here I will fully apologise for sarcasm, as I do not seek any trouble here :wink:

I would just call ‘arrogant’ such cheap attitude, but I don’t know you, nor I care to investigate.

About vids, you’ll get what you deserve, I’m positive.

And realize that you completely have no clue on how a “Pay2Play” app is working (=making money).

That is why I’m completely done with you.

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