Tiles are not random? Combos are not random!- Can your computer tell the future?!

I was using my dear Athena on map, season 2 hard mode. Monsters are quite sturdy and do not die easily.

So i used her defence debuff that hit three and move the board.
When i look at monsters only 2 has the defence debuff even if all 3 receive the special. (not using Wu kong and not blinded). Just why?
The reason was really simple: that monster was gonna die that turn, so the system doesn’t bother to show the status icon.
No problem, if it wasn’t that it was a very long combo, something like 15 matches and only the ending match killing him.

So the system already know all the combos until the end just from the first move, even if you have 30 combos.


Yes damage is precalculated as soon as you move a tile

If you hover over a hero to see current health while a combo is going, you’ll see the end result even before a combo is finished

I thought this was old news though

Let’s say you fire a diamond. You can hover over a hero and see if you killed it even before all combos are done going off.

Board can still be randomly generated, just not as in the moment random as one would think. We dont know how far advanced a board is generated

Think of it as scratchoff tickets vs lotto balls

Lotto balls are spontaneous and no one knows what number will come next

Scratchoff tickets are randomly generated and randomly distributed but each card is a winner or loser before ypu scratch it and that doesnt change as you scratch it

Boards are still random, just not spontaneously random

Now you can manipulate a SG RNG board unlike you can a scratchoff ticket. So you can increase or decrease the likely hood of which color tiles and how many appear next, but that doesnt change the fact that a pattern is already pre set below the part of the board we can see.

Another thing to look at is computers have always generated/calculated numbers faster than graphics


Huh!! Thanks for posting that, it might be old news to some but I bet alot of people never heard it. I never even thought of it. I think it’s really interesting, but what Rigs said makes sense.

Very good explanation!

Honestly the 1st half is fact
2nd half is theory and just how i always percieved the board generations

I’m not a programmer so I’m sure i could be way off

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This sounds logical to me :grin:

Feeble Meat Bags versus Silicon Overlords

It just good GUI design.

The combo is randomly generated, and finished, in milliseconds.

The player cannot follow the action at the speed the computer can. So it finished a long long time before displaying the first match.

Car crash versus texting your wife about the crash

Think of it like texting your wife after a automobile accident. The accident took milliseconds, but describing it, and reconstructing what happened for the text, may take several hours.


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Just the way i always percieved it. In my mind when i work a board, I’m working 1 big board but can only see 1 small portion. Right or wrong, idk.

So just want everyone to keep in mind it’s opinion

Seeing whether you killed a hero or not before a combo is finished is 100% fact though

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I haven’t read any of the replies to the OP because I can’t be bothered, but not seeing ailments on a hero that’s about to die is sending my brain crazy and I hate it.

Bow down to our new Silicon Overlords

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Just to be clear, it is not a complain or some kind of a conspiracy theory against Small Giant, just an observation.

I do really like your explanation @Rigs.

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It’s just a guess

And i didn’t take your OP as a complaint. It’s been brought up before by my teammates because I’ve demonstrated it unintentionally in some of my vids

I use it a lot specially when my hero is blinded or using Wu so i can know before hand the outcome


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