Tiles are not hitting in raids

Tiles are not doing any damage in raids also they are moving really slow this has been happening every war what’s the point in raiding when you can’t do no damage with Your tiles

Particular hero color will makes that particular tiles color do damage. If you don’t bring that hero color at all then the tiles color won’t do any damage.

Example if you bring 5 heroes raid team all RED, then only RED tiles will do damage, the other tiles color (blue, green, yellow, purple tiles) won’t do any damage since you don’t bring that heroes color

Yes what lemon said, to my knowledge tile damage is based on the “attack” stat of the heros of the same color heros you use in battles, if you dont use a certain color the tiles will only do 1 damage each.

Okay say I take my 2400 team power in up against a 1900 team power and my 2400 gets stomped on

Hmm, that’s a little to vauge to determine what is going on. I havent heard other complaints liked this except that everyone seems to think the boards are rigged to lose.
Do you have to many slow charging heros on your team? Send a snap shot of your line up.
On the other hand I have taken 3600 TP mono teams and have beaten 4150ish teams in wars with about a 50% + success rate.

Raided up to 3188 cups last night didnt notice any bugs or tile issues if that’s still what this thread is about

Aa far as teams beating other teams, that’s all in team composition, board strategy, and luck

Any team can be beat on offense or defense

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