Tile randomness

The randomness of the tiles are not so random. If you’re heavy in a color and all of the sudden you get diamonds one after another of the other colors and hardly any of your color. Let’s maybe do what your game calls for and stop trying to tip the scales and actually do random. Stop trying to get more money and fix the basics.

Hi @Wrecking

It’s been proved otherwise here:

While some people suggest that anyone who believes in tile randomness is a ‘fanboy’, no one who believes that SG rig the boards has provided

a) any data other than a couple of screenshots
b) a plausible motive

If anyone proves that the boards are rigged, I will quit the game there and then.

Unless they’re rigged in my favour :grin:

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc, merger most foul


This topic has been thoroughly discussed over here:

And in the thread linked by Jonah. If anyone has anything to add, please do so in one of those threads.

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