Tile Play the Right Way

Just some tips on effective tile play…


Good stuff as always @NittanyLionRoar! Thank you. This was perfect for my learning alliance. It’s something I’ve been trying to drill into them but I think many are visual learners. Already saved to my Line album!!

Glad you recognized the red move early on and added an edit to state that, otherwise excellent video to show others how to manipulate the boards. With that being said you still got a decent board I’ve had way worse boards where two diamonds remove 6-8 tiles and they all or mostly all come back of the color you don’t have.

Great video, thanks for sharing good info

Sometimes the boards can just be punishing!!

Yes the boards can definitely be punishing sometimes. I would say the players who are good at tile play win about 80% (or more) of the time. When you do get that bad board in war, you’ve gotta recognize it and just focus on doing as much damage as possible.

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