Tile placement, random?

My understanding is that your tile placement, in all battles, province, Titan, raid and quest’s is completely random. If this is true then I will go ahead and say. B.S. I have been playing this game for about 10 months now and have found that there is a huge difference in tile placement depending on the battle I am fighting. When I go back to older province’s, that I’ve already beaten, I get so many matches that my whole board lights up and I get anywhere from 10 to 20 combo’s quite often. The same does not hold true when I am in a Titan battle, raid or quest (I’m done with season 1, so no new province’s). In my Titan battle I find it hard to find a match at all often let alone a match at the weak spot. Quest’s and event’s I’d be lucky to get one combo. Raids is where I have the biggest complaint. It appears to me that the computer decides ahead of time whether or not you have a chance to win. A usual line up for me in raids is: Sartana, Alberich, Boril, Boldtusk. Musashi. I obviously need green and red tiles to be able to heal my heroes and when the computer has decided that I’m gonna lose, most of the time, I get very few of those color tiles throughout the duration of that battle. Can’t win if I can’t heal my team.
So, can anyone tell me, HONESTLY, if all battles are suppose to have random color tile placement? Otherwise please explain to me how the system decides your placement, because I am getting very frustrated with this system.


This topic has been discussed a bit elsewhere, with several different conclusions:


And from the past, specifically about Raids:

Interesting stuff! :slight_smile:


I call foul on the suggestion that any different conclusions have been reached in past threads except one: tile placements are random (subject to an algorithm that avoids opening board matches). This has been confirmed by @Petri (dev) in the forum.

All this talk of boards being systematically more or less generous in particular situations is just silly, shaggy thinking.


Petri’s post:


I agree with the fact to PRE determine if it will be EASY or HARD to win a raid. Because before you start you can skip battles and the number of trophies tell a lot. You will win much easier a raid to get 15 trophies than one with 44 trophies.

Regarding tile placement I would really vote for random. I often play raids around middle (25 to 35 trophies gain) and I have won raids with THREE moves cause of combos and have lost raids cause I didnt get green or purple tiles matches for a long time…

There is the correct conclusion (provided by Petri), and the alternate conclusions drawn by some who refuse to accept it.

That’s what I meant. :wink:


The match, or puzzle, board is completely random. It reshuffles when there are no combinations found. It is not related to team strengths or the players, however, the colors correspond to the Elemental type of your heroes. Make sure to check the icon in the top left corner of your screen to see which color combinations deal optimal damage

That’s the post that addressed the concerns.

however, the colors correspond to the Elemental type of your heroes

Was that an admission that the number of tiles of each colour on the starting board is adjusted in a way that could, for the sake of argumentative fairness, either favour or hinder the player, but the actual placement is still random? Or is it just saying “yeah there are different colours in the game, how have you not noticed?” I assumed it was the latter, but if that is the case then it seemed like a very flimsy way of addressing the concern, as it offers little more than a “nah you’re wrong”

For transparency, I rarely use nature or dark heroes on raid offence, I know people have attempted to track & debunk the subject in other threads but I feel like 4 raids out of 5 start with me looking at a mess of purple tiles in the centre of the board and thinking ‘oh for the love of…’ but it doesn’t put me off, as a move or two later I seem to have everything where I want it, so please don’t offer me a tinfoil hat or anything.

The thing that gets me is, if you don’t clear the board of, say green (and you have no green hero), then of course the board will fill with green, the color you don’t need.

I often play with a missing color, and must devote at least some of my moves to color-clearing so I can get on with the business of Titan-killing or Raid-defeating. In ten months, I have not noticed overly tilted boards in favor or against a particular color. I have noticed a few boards that need to be cleared, and I have also noticed “bad boards” (e.g., boards that don’t immediately erupt in cascades for me). Hmm…


I have made exactly the same experiences as @tkrasky.

The better the enemy the worse the tile distribution. On the lower levels I get high combos, on titan fights or raids I’m lucky when I find one combination of three.

And I can confirm the problems when not playing with all colors. If I play without a purple hero then there is a high chance that purple ist the preferred color on the field.

If one says that this can’t be true then he/she should show us the source code. Otherwise it’s just personal experience.


I feel the same but have no proof as somethimes I have good combos for titans as well but what I recognized again and again is that you have a diamond for a colour (the ones you click and all of same color fall). i want to keep it until i got more of this color on my board. But i swap and swap the others but no new jewels of this specific color appears.
As I try to swap my gems tactically I really can say that this happens quite often and not only in hard battles.

You’re talking nonsense. Please read the extensive forum discussions of this issue, including the devs’ clear statement that tile placement is random, then apply Occam’s Razor and get your natural human tendency towards paranoia and cynicism under control.

Your personal experience and perception, as you so clearly imply, is next to worthless by way of evidence. So is mine. Let’s use our brains instead.

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Do you want to see SG’s source code, or mine?

Sorry, but a dev statement means nothing to me. I’m not a believer who accepts everthing that is told.

Occam’s Razor might be fine for simple minded people who don’t want to use their brains.

In another discussion one can read that there is a chance of 80% to get a valid combo at the starting grid. I checked this by writing a tool. 1.000.000 random grids were analyzed. The result: A chance of 81% to get a starting grid with a combo of at least three matching tiles. In total there were 1.3 million three of a kind.
But as far as I can remember I never saw one in the game even after several thousand runs. So what’s the dev statement about this? Did they explain how they manipulate the starting grid to avoid combos at start?

You analyzed 1 million grids? How please…


If you don’t believe the Devs, why play? When you refuse to take them at their word, if you believe they are liars, then isn’t every statement suspect for you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was first! :smiley:

As for your evil insinuation: they obviously remove the boards with starting combos using some method. It makes no difference what the ‘removing’ algorithm is, as long as the remaining boards are random. If they would’ve kept those boards it would’ve been much worse. People would’ve complained “difficult raids don’t start with automatic combos…”.

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It’s not rocket science, dude. Obviously random opening boards with matches are screened. Again, this has been extensively discussed previously (credit due to @kahree). All you have to do is read the forum.

Well Brobb, I guess you have the right to say what you want and support SG in what I claim is not random tile placement.
Let me rephrase my complaint a bit. I can agree that tile placement is random to a degree, however, there is absolutely no way that you can convince me that the amount of certain color tiles is 100% random between all province’s, raids, Titan attacks, alliance wars and quest’s regardless of which heroes I have in my line-up. I have been playing this game for almost a year now and I have experienced the lopsidedness of tile color and placement WAY to often for me to be convinced of anything else so I don’t care what the dev is saying about the algorithm.
I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on the subject.

I find it hard to believe that if you have played that long and have farmed earlier province’s as well as raids, Titan attacks, alliance wars and quest’s that you have not noticed a lopsidedness in color availability and placement. I experience it on a daily basis. When I farm earlier province’s I almost always get multiple combo’s throughout the duration of the battles within that province. I use all 5 colors while farming. Immediately after farming I do a few raids, and by the way, use all 5 colors in my hero lineup, and immediately see a lot fewer green tiles (I have Alberich as my healer) and that’s for the duration of the battle. I have attempted a board clear on many occasions and the result is the same, I get new tiles, but still much fewer green than any other color. And I get very few combo’s during raids and Titan attacks, but as I’ve said, earlier province’s I get a ton of combo’s.
So I don’t agree with your comments based on my experiences and the dev can say whatever he wants, I’m still not convinced that it is completely 100% random.

Resurrecting this thread probably doesn’t serve any purpose. I’m fairly good at seeing patterns and from my 3272 raid wins since I started to play this game around October 29th I haven’t found anything truly odd. Most of those has been with a rainbow team so that’s the only thing that would invalidate my findings if only the color skewed teams would get unfair treatment. But as posted above they have the same average as the rainbow teams.

One of the best boards I’ve ever seen came against the player that was the current number 1 in raids. I don’t belong up there with the heroes and troops I have and I certainly didn’t expect to win but the very nice board allowed me to.

The thing I like best with rainbow teams is that you are never truly screwed unless you get such a crappy board that you are forced to make the only move possible several turns in a row. The main reason why I don’t raid with 2-3 of the same color very often is that I’m too lazy to switch teams. The other is that they are a bit like ‘win more’ teams. Sometimes with a good board you would win anyway but now you totally obliterated the opponent. If the same board had been with missing colors it would probably have been a loss, at least if you had to clear some and it was against Guinevere. I rather squeeze my wins in even if it sometimes gets down to a single Thoth.


I have a background in psychology (bachelor’s and masters in the field), and one thing I know from many, many studies that have been done is that randomness does weird things to the brain. Specifically, people will see patterns where there are none or even develop superstitions when illogically connecting two events that aren’t truly related.

The reason for this is because in the natural world, there isn’t much that’s truly random. Our ancestors became the master species at finding patterns and making connections. Now that we’ve developed high-powered computer programs that can simulate randomness, our brains can’t handle it because we’re wired to look for the patterns in everything…our brains aren’t wired to understand randomness for what it is.

Another thing that affects this is that our brains are wired to be more sensitive to negative events and to remember those more vividly than positive events. You remember all of the times your board sucked because it’s emotionally painful, you’re angry and frustrated. You don’t notice or remember the good boards because when they happen, you naturally assume “that’s just the way it’s supposed to be.”


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