Tile missing from board

Posting for an alliance member (not me!) who had this serious issue during war:

Details I’ve asked so far:

  • A tile spot was blank/missing from the beginning of the war battle and moved randomly throughout turns (did not follow the behavior a tile would.
  • this one war battle is the only time this has happened

I had that when farming some maps or when I was finishing some quest a while back. Never bothered to screenshot it, much less raise the matter here in the forum since it was done on autoplay and finished it without a hitch. On raids and in wars though, that’s a different story. The affected player must file s support ticket.


Certainly, a bug to be reported!

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@Petri can you look on this… thanks

So it happened to me, against titan today!
Didn’t know what to do😂

This happened to my son, only it behaved like a real tile, moving up when the green match was made by moving the green tile down into the blank spot. It disappeared after 4 moves.

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While playing level 28 of the Ninja Tower,after making a match in the top right corner,a square was left blank and remained so for the duration of the battle(I matched the purple to the right but it only moved the empty up

.Is this a glitch or some rule of the event I’m not familiar with?

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Haha not a rule. Seems like you found the correct bug report spot but no word from developers yet.

Keeping this thread alive, one more in our alliance had this crazy issue today. Developer response??

@Petri ?

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A fresh case from this morning. Blank place with a missing tile. It appeared together with the Oni Curse and stayed till the match was over.

Why did this have to happen?

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This has been in bug reports 4+ months~ Please acknowledge to users this is at least on your list to address!

Ghost tile (It was green) and, at the end, locked screen with last board of the match.

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During a level on Ninja Tower an oni stone appeared. Unfortunately the Oni stone was invisible so i didn’t know what color I had to match it.
Please refer to the attached image.

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As i see it was blue, you can see it on Gullinbursti, but yeah its definitely a bug.

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Not sure what I did to cause this. There’s a green tile in the gap there- I know this because it was green when it matched off. I guess some sort of weird tile status which doesn’t have an associated icon?

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That’s gotta be the tile that sent all those messages and crashed the quest screen this morning. They fixed the damage, but that mother got away. You’re hot on its trail!

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