Tile issue- Hero color missing from in-progress board

I was just in the raid tournament and I had two yellow hero’s in my attack team and this happened and it’s not fair

There was not one yellow tile

Its rare but normal, its not a bug, this is bad luck.
And if there wasn’t any yellow tiles how your Viv and Justice gain mana?


Happens to everyone from time to time so yes it is fair. You have a lot is blue/purple so what is the problem anyhow?

Next time post a picture of the starting board, not the board after you use your moves.


I doubt that would change anything since it’s not a bugg, if any of us concidered lack of certain colour on the board a bugg, forum would explode from useless post’s

Just thought it was funny, he used all his yellow tile and then complains there are no yellow tiles…



If you use 5 yellow tiles, you get 5 replacement tiles. On average, that will be 20% yellow which mean only a tile… thus the number of yellow tile will be reduced by four.

Gotcha :slight_smile:, that actually ia funny

Looking at Vivica’s mana bar, it seems 8 yellow tiles have been used.

If all 8 were from starting board, that mean 8 of 35, more than average 20%.

If that is a bug, can I have it please :pray:


Lol you make a screenshot after you shot at least 20 tiles away. Very childish to cry in Bug forum. Remove this topic!

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First I never claimed that I started or ended with no yellow tiles so not my fault u can’t read correctly and just assumed something. I only implied at that point in the game there was no yellow tiles at all and I’ve been playing this game for a while that had never occurred before so I thought it might be bug. I honestly didn’t care for your opinion so go annoy someone else. I only wanted to show the people that designed this game to see if there was a mistake. Man this forum brings out all the nerds lmao

Yes, this is perfectly normal.

20 Characters.

Wait, you consider that to be an issue? That looks like 90% of my titan boards when I double up on the opposing color. I thought that was just par for the course.

I see you also brought two blue heroes. Do you also consider the eleven blue tiles on this board to be not fair?


If you focus on matching yellow tiles, you’ll eventually run out of yellow tiles.

If I were playing, seeing a lot of blues, and 2 blue heroes, I would have matched the very top right blue to the left to make 3-blues. That would have made the columns move forward, ready to make a 5-blues match for a diamond. The used it to hit hard and fully charge blue heroe’s mana. That’s probably a win.

It’s obviously unfair. I only get blue tiles when I’m trying to fight green enemies. The opponent in this case has NO green heroes at all, so every blue tile is going to do at least normal damage + damage from having a second blue hero + extra damage against Red Hood. I wish I could get boards like this.

Plus this is not OP’s starting board, they probably had yellow tiles and already used them (presumably in a diamond attack, which would perfectly explain why they have none left). :roll_eyes:

Man why are people so rude in this forum. Too much bitterness in their hearts. People I never said I didn’t start out with yellow tiles but I have been playing this game for a while now and I have never once had that happen to me before, while in a middle of the a match to have not one single yellow tile. Again to make it clear… because after months of playing this game on a daily basis and it never happened to me before so I thought it was a bug. Sheesh calm down smile more. Lmao

Did you win?

20 yellow tiles

Well, you complained that it was not fair.

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