Tile damage n mana charge?

I do not speak math language nor do I understand the complexity of it please explain in lamen terms for me how how tile damage n mana gauge fill works. For example a fast sniper fill their gauge after 6.5 tiles? Amid correct? Average will fill after 10 tiles? Assuming and slow will be 12 - 14 tiles. All guessing here cause I do not understand the math but my question relates to 3 raids I just did. I lost the first n realized that my fast sniper after 9 tiles did not charge. So I went at it agian with the same enemy I just lost to ( at this point now it’s become a testing stage raid for me) to test tile/mana fill. I noticed that what I had seen was correct. After 8 tiles my sniper did not fill. So i looked at my average sniper and after 10 tiles his gauge did not fill completely. Yet the enemy fills regardless n sniped 3x each. My healers at this point was keeping me in the game. So I gave up n died. I went for round 3 just make sure I wasn’t imagining my tile count ( cause after 3 root beers you know your can get cross eyed ). And again I want imaging it. High tile count and my mana gauge fills almost to complete but not fully. This game is really getting on my nerves. Update after update somethings gotta go wrong. Mana gauge fills are off, my battery is dying faster (1 year of playing n never had a problem til last update), game RNG getting worse etc… am I just imagining tile count getting worse or has anybody else experienced this? Also if I color stack the RNG doesnt give me any color I stack. I’m off subject. Mana count is really off.

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If you didn’t say raid I would have believed you were on fog’s stage on S2 but the point is the same: were your heroes mana generation slowed by special as Little John’s or Alaise’s ones?

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This problem will be more easily observed in a farming level. Try to not kill everyone as if you are in an event and building mana before boss level.

If you see something off, you might screenshot and report it to devs in issues forum.

The guess that you may have been sniped by a mana reducer is very possible. Check watchtower for team that beat you and check their special skills.

I did and no mana reducer snipers against my team. Enemy team consist of Leonidas, sartana, delilah, liana and Sonya. My team kiril, master lepus, victor, leonidas and sabina. Master lepus did not charge after 7 tiles n neither did victor.

Leonidas does reduce mana of the target by 40%

I have Vi tor. He is always in my raid team with a level 11 mana troop, and has not been like yours.

If Leo was the opposing tank, I suppose that could be it, but his average speed means to me he would have to be tank to shoot first.

Yes you are right but I specifically remember leonidas only targeting my healers so my snipers not gaining full mana after 7 tile problem still remains.

Lepus is fast, so it needs 8 tiles to charge. Victor should charge on 7 so there should be somethign there that affected him.

On your question about tile damage on layman terms: Your hero’s/heroes attack value/3 is the potential damage of each tile. From this potential value opponents defense takes off a certain portion (calculated with damage formula, so math magic), and that’s your tile damage: your att/3 - some % depending on opponents defense

Fast heroes require 8 tiles to charge, not 7. That covers most of the snipers.

Only Very Fast heroes can charge with 7 tiles. Currently those heroes are Gravemaker, Jackal and the three vampires (Victor, Valeria, Vlad). [added GM]


  1. A tile that doesn’t hit a foe (“ghosted tile”) generates double mana.
  2. Certain specials (e.g.Khagan, Lancelot) and 4* troops with a mana boost can reduce the number of tiles required.
  3. Certain specials (e.g. Alasie, Little John) slow mana gain, or stop it altogether (Hel, Proteus).
  4. Certain specials generate (Alberich) or steal (e.g. Leonides) mana.
  5. Defensive teams gain mana through an entirely different mechanism.
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Dont forget gm lol one of the most common very fast mana heros right now. I have yet to see a defensive team mana gain summary or explanation btw. I’ve got a decent grasp on how it works but I’m sure there are others that would be curious to hear more about it

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Ok so if 8 tiles is what it takes to charge a fast mana hero, how come there is a board on the above post stating 6.5 tiles to charge a fast sniper? I’m confused. Please anyone explain.

That 6.5 is for VERY fast.

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I’ve had tile boards in raids that weren’t in my favor but weren’t against me either. I’ve also had boards that did feel like it was against me n I had to work had to keep the team alive n get the tiles necessary to charge the team and I’ve also had boards that were in my favor that no matter what I chose as tile movement my heros would charge crazy fast, but my experience mentioned above just felt different as if the RNG did NOT want my heros to charge at all. No matter how hard I worked to charge my heros the RNG would make me get that 1 last tile to completely charge but not give it to me. Sounds crazy but felt just like that no matter my efforts that last tile never showed or would appear as my sniper was receiving his final blow b 4 the grave lol.

You are right. I just looked at it again.

I think it goes like this:
At the end of each turn, each defense hero gets 1 tile worth of mana.
For hits, they gain ~0.5 tiles of mana for each tile that hits them. But this amount is reduced by combos, so longer the combo, the less mana defense gains from getting hit by tiles.
Edit: But I haven’t yet collected/seem enough proof of this to post it as a fact.


I can hit the enemy with 6-7 tiles and they are fully charged in the tank position but the same does not apply to the offensive team! Why is that? Cant just be a bonus for defense teams in raids cause seems a little unfair. My reason for saying that is they charge at a constant rate no matter what while offensive teams must against the board to get necessary tiles to charge mana and a board being in your favor I would say is 1 out of every 10 boards depending on how often you play.

This is a topic discussed before:
Defense team has certain bonuses (mana gain being one of them) in order to counter the advantages the attacker has. This makes raids some what even (attacker still wins more often than loses.)

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I still don’t understand this. can anyone give a more detailed example

Those are the n° of tiles (the shield you match on your board) required to achieve 100% = full mana.

Another note:
You can reach easier that number by achieving mana bonus from troops and special skills.
A lv 11 mana troop will make you gain 9% more mana, making very fast heroes charge their special with 6 tiles only: 6 x 1,09 = 6,54 (6,54 > 6,5)

fast = 8 tiles.
Means that only 3 tiles are formed the hero mana does not charge? :thinking: