Tile damage misses with Grimble in S4

Hi guys,

I notice that I get misses while cascading purple tiles with Grimble in the team. He is immune to the inaccuracy buff, why should I get sometimes 100% miss damage when cascading tiles with him in the team? Shouldn’t his part of damage go through since he’s not affected by the inaccuracy debuff?

Thanks for clarifying this.

Do you have more than 1 purple on your team when you’re in S4? If so, I believe that’s why. When purple tiles are matched, each tile is being treated as if one of the purple heroes is “attacking”. So assuming you have more than 1 purple, some tiles are “coming from” Grimble, and some aren’t.


Hi Lloyd,

Yes I use Grimble + Rigard. I would have thought that the damage was a sum of the purple heroes.

I’m not sure how it actually works, but the damage itself is definitely increased by stacking. But basically, the troop that is assigned to the hero does the ‘attacking’. If you notice, when you make a purple match, you’ll see a set of troops from each tile go towards the hero. That is the troop assigned to a hero. If the troop that attacks is from Rigard, then that suffers the miss chance from blind, or the level you’re playing, whatever the scenario.

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Here is the same question in another topic. In short @Lloyd6770 is right.

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Thanks for the additional info. So in my case, when the tiles miss, this would mean they were assigned to Rigard and none to Grimble. I will try and test using 2 different troops to see if that is the case. This is a quite intriguing mechanism.

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