Tile Damage After Hero Died


Hello devs and everyone,

When you stack colors, there will be ‘missing hero’ tiles that do 1 damage. I’m wondering if the same or similar principle could be applied to tiles (or troops) that represent hero(es) that were already killed during combat.

Like if my only Purple in the offense team is Hel and she got killed, the purple damage would do 1 damage or would do less damage than when she’s still alive.

This may make raid attacks harder and probably more fun, reducing the chance of weaker teams of winning a lot of trophies from stronger one.

I won 60-70% from raid defense overnight but my overall trophies are always negative. Some attacked me for +47 and when I revenged I got like +12. I believe many people are unhappy about this as well.


No. Absolutely don’t like this idea. If people regularly attack you for 47 and the next day they are still only worth 12 in revenge then you are playing above your level. Why would we need to nerf everyone that is weaker than you so that you can hold on to cups? Either set a better defense or play a little bit lower.


Hi @Jordanmulsanne
Trophies won/lost are solely based on your trophy count at the time of the battle.

Team power or previous results are irrelevant.

Also the change to tile damage is s complete reworking of the game mechanics and would effect how everything worked at a fundamental level. So no thank you.


This will have have an effect on both offence and defense. I believe a lot of people have complained about this. I could raid someone for +47 and got revenged for -12 as well. The same applied to those who are below you, too.

That said, I think we should discuss about the logic behind my suggestions.


I’m not an IT guys, I don’t know how things are programmed let alone the game mechanics. My logic is if missing hero tile do 1 damage, why would that of dead heroes do?


It changes maps, titans, events, wars. It changes basically everything because you want to nerf weaker players to keep them out of your cups. (I am going to keep repeating this until you realize how ridiculous your idea is and the faulty reasoning behind it.)


Everything is related one way or another I guess and different survival skills will be developed.


Yes, logically, a dead hero would do no damage, except maybe by spreading disease :thinking:
But ‘heroes’ are just art work and mathematics. We can’t apply real-life logic to a match-3 gem game based on lightweight fantasy tropes :slight_smile:


I suggest you find some game developers of a different game and pitch them your idea, maybe they’ll go for it. They have a game that already has these mechanics, it is definitely pay to win and the mechanics you are proposing is the reason I hate that game.

Good luck.


All right. I guess I gotta do my homework and try to distinguish between real-life and E&P logic.


Relax man. I love the game as much as anyone who plays it. Just some food for thought.


The two do blur after a while…

For a light hearted look at that try


Just all my nope.

I understand the frustration, but an above poster was correct. You are probably raiding at a level that is too high for you. I know because I am in the same boat. I can’t hit a team in my range of cups without dumping a ton of ham on rerolls or I have to purposely drop cups by using a weak Defense Team. The difference is that I understand it and know that eventually I will be stronger and move up


Yup. Just like when you wonder how a vampire can shave without being able to see himself in the mirror. lol


That would be an interesting special for a hero to have. :smile:


We got Lady Locke. :slight_smile:


No we don’t need to distinguish between real-life. A dead hero doesn’t do damage it’s the troops that are still alive and are doing the damage. :smile:


Missing hero troops do 1 damage… :smiley:


Answer: magic!

While I agree with your logic, @Jordanmulsanne, I also agree with @TylerDirtyn that changing that mechanic now would require a complete rebalancing of heroes, levels, etc. Too big a drain on staff time for no obvious benefit.

(BTW, on raids the defense does lose its normal damage when a hero dies. It is one of the big asymmetries of offense and defense.)


Troops of missing hero were never part of the fight. If you have 2 x same color you would have 2 x troops of same color.