Tile attack colors having random errors in raids / tournaments?

Yesterday (14.12.2020) several members of our alliance “were quite sure” that there were random errors in raid or tournament tile attacks. Probably especially combo cascades, but cannot be sure about that. But anyway, something like this: I had three green heroes in my team, and no red ones. At one point of the battle several green tiles hit an opponent, causing basically zero damage. Later on (while the opponent still had a some non trivial amount of health left) some red tiles hit the opponent, dropping him dead.

There were no “color changing” heroes / specials involved.

Each of us initially thought that we just “saw wrong” and almost forgot about it, but when the issue came up and several of us said the same thing I cannot be sure anymore. Anyone else?

A video or several screenshots would be your best evidence of that happening. If you can replicate the same incident, this time with a video clip or several screenshot, that would help a lot of players determine what actually happened. If you insist that this is a glitch, kindly file a support ticket How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards). SG staff may still want you to provide some supporting evidence of that bug.

Yeah… I tried to record some videos this morning, but the glitch did not occur. Must try more. But then again, I do not suspect this would limit itself to our alliance, and, if this is for real, I would think that there would be hordes of people noticing the same thing. Thus the “Anyone else?” part above :smile: But I will record a few following raid attacks just in case.

Well, let us hope that other forum-users with the same experience are able to see this and share what actually transpired, and maybe posting some screenshots or video clips.

I think I have experienced this as well. It was in 1 or 2 of my raids I did yesterday. Unfortunately, no recording of this.

This has not surfaced again. Our best “theory” is that in some situations (correct star alignment?) there was a combo with first strong colors hitting an enemy and showing no damage, and later (within the same combo) non-present colors hitting the same enemy and showing massive damage.

But then again, maybe nothing at all occured. It was just very strange that several of us saw the same illusion the same day, and not ever before or after.

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