Tiered Titan Chest

I was again disappointed last time I opened my Titan Chest and it made me think of things to improve it. So here’s my thoughts:

Why not make tiers for Titan chest? We kill 10* back to back and it would be nice not to be disappointed when I open my chest.
Let’s say for example you need 45-50 stars for top tier, that means you have to kill at least 5x 9* to fill the chest. For 2nd tier it’s 40-45 and so on. This will motivate people to work even harder to kill higher star Titans. And since you guys try to “punish” mercing, it might give an incentive for mercers to stay in 1 alliance. (I have nothing against mercing btw).
This would also prevent alliances to let Titans escape in order to get an easier war opponent (apparently this happens, even though it’s a terrible strategy).

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Once again a system for the rich and strong to get stronger and make it harder on the common folks to catch up.

Titans loot are already tiered, the motivation is already there. If anything the titan chests should give MORE for lower titans.

That’s not entirely true - what about us folks who have been playing for 12 months, have spent little to no money, are stuck with not enough ascension items/ham/iron and want to continue to progress? This would benefit those players as well.

That said, I don’t think it is needed.

It would benefit high level players but not as much as the even higher ones. It’s as if I told you that suddenly everyone earns their salary times two.

It would create inflation, and suddenly your 3500 power team that used to ride around 2000 trophies can barely make it to 1800 trophies at 3600 power.

Those at the top have the single biggest advantage (in most cases) - they spend, and sometimes it is a LOT, to get their teams. Even if it benefits the top it also benefits those who don’t spend, or don’t spend much, as well. In your example, it is presumed that there is not a ceiling, there is - it’s like 4200 power. Once you get 5 4/80- 5* and five level 30 troops, that is it, nowhere else to go. As you get closer to it all you get is team flexibility with these items and it may be a real benefit in the middle to catch up (to a point), in theory.

To reiterate, I don’t think it is needed, even though I would benefit :slight_smile:

Did the raid tiers “improvement” benefited the F2P players?

Absolutely not, it was a clear nerf for anyone raiding under 1200, even under 1800.

It used to be at least anyone could get a hidden blade in a heroes chest. Do you even know what is inside a silver heroes chest? Food, Iron and 1 or 2 gems.

Has it been proven out that you can’t get an ascension roll in the lower tiers? For example - as far as I can tell, Diamond has a guaranteed ascension roll (spoiler alert - it is mostly garbage most of the time, just like before).

Platinum and below do not have a guaranteed roll but a chance for a roll, which is no different than it was before.

■■■■…i didn’t think it was that bad…
I get nothing out of titan chests…nada…worthless…never got a thing. But against 7 8 and 9 star titans…i get decent loot.

I get better loot out of the advertisement portal than titan chests.
this month along I got 2 compasses…2 tabbards…(only got 8 since I started in october) a hidden blade and

I was watching a mystic vision ad play while typing a


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@Xero786, I saw your comment on Line. I made this thread a while back!

@Petri bringing this to your attention. Now more then ever, with the higher level titans we really need tiers in the titan chests.

Nice idea, though I’d like to see increased (not 1-4% which it now seems to be, but rather 5-15 for new titans, and even more for the rare ones) chance for titan loot tiers. I always feel cheated as I’ve got one set of 5* heroes ascended and don’t have enough materials to get more 5* heroes up.
And yes, I donate to get 4* ascension materials (special offers).
I’m either really unlucky, or loot chances are really really poor.
Talking only of 4* items now as I don’t lack 3*. I don’t have enough feeding heroes to lvl up my roster that fast.