Tiered opponents in raid challenge matchmaking

I have read some ideas regarding improvement for raid challenge. Some propose league system with relegation and promotion, some propose qualification.

I would like to share my idea, it won’t make radical changes to the current raid challenge, just improving their matchmaking without the need of implementating league system.

First of all, defense teams should be graded into 5 tier:

  1. Tier I
    This tier consists of defenses with 20% lowest TP. They give 175-200 points.
  2. Tier II
    This tier consists of defenses with 20% next higher TP. They give 200-225 points.
  3. Tier III
    This tier consists of defenses with 20% next higher TP which should be around the median. They give 225-250 points.
  4. Tier IV
    This tier consists of defenses with 20% next higher TP. They give 250-275 points.
  5. Tier V
    This tier consists of defenses with 20% highest TP. They give 275-300 points.

To prevent a defense team from becoming stronger than its above tier, once the raid challenge is started, the defense team is fixed/locked (leveling heroes/troops will have no effect on submitted defense).

Each day, a player get 5 flag, instead of randomly drawing opponents or as in the current system, matching attack and defense performance, the opponent will be drawn drom those tier, as follow:

  1. First flag will be drawn from Tier I
  2. Second flag will be drawn from Tier II
  3. Third flag will be drawn from Tier III
  4. Fourth flag will be drawn from Tier IV
  5. Fifth flag will be drawn from Tier V

Alternatively, the drawing don’t need to follow that order, but the system have to make sure that if a player use all 5 flag, exactly 1 flag should be from tier I, tier II, tier III, tier IV, and tier V respectively.

To lessen the chance of defense not getting attacked/drawn, a defense which have been drawn in that day will not be able to get drawn again untill all defenses in that tier got drawn at least once.

To prevent players for refusing to attack drawn opponent, if they are already matched with an opponent but they do not attack them before the day ended, the match is considered to be forfeited and the opponent get a defensive victory. (Courtesy of: @GloriousCodger )

I understand that this idea might not be perfect, feel free to add your own ideas or improvement suggestions. If the moderator think the ideas shall be consolidated into 1 topic, feel free to merge it.

Idk about all that as is, but I am upset that no one attacked me and I won 19/20 matches yet I’m sitting ay 10-25% for loot… To me, losing 1 match out of 20 should place me higher than 10-25%. And it could drop further yet. I have gotten the standard 500 points each night for no defense team action… which I believe is not a fair system at all. Lose 1, 300 points gone, win 1, 400 extra points… play none neutral 500. And it seems most people are attacked once or twice so it’s pretty east to either get 200, 500, or 900 extra points…

So far very disappointed with how random your ability is to move up/down the ladder

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I understand your frustration, I hope they can quickly fix it, and better luck next challenge :slightly_smiling_face:. A tiered system will hopefully be able to reduce the randomness.

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Hi think the Tiered system will work great with one change. Opponents are only drawn from your own Tier and each Tier is ranked separately. This way, new players in T1 won’t have to face defenses they can’t beat

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Thank you! I would feel better at a lower loot tier if I had lost more fair battles, however, currently this is the person in first place (grats to them)

While I sit having won 19/20 and received 500/night for 0 defensive action.

Every team I fought ranged from TP:
1888-2870 (only 2 teams above the 2500’s)

My defense team was ~3200 and my attack team was the same team

Because I could not reroll I was stuck only able to get low-mid 200’s for points.

My guess is that the first place person simply won most/all their matches but won 1 defensive battle/day for an extra 1600 points. That’s a HUGE spread considering we have no control over if we are attacked

I think that system should be removed or seriously reworked… 1600 extra points for doing nothing essentially

Here was my defensive team that was never attacked:

If they have 8108 points and I have 6609 with a 19/20 win rate, I think it is greatly unbalanced for me to drop from 1-5% to 10-25% when I won 19/20

I did have fun with the extra raids, but very disappointing to see who is in first place and then looking at your own team (comparison is the thief of joy, ik, we friends anyways)

I hope everyone had an overall fun experience and thank you for the read. I love the game overall :slight_smile:

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