Tiered Gem Deals

I know in our guild, people do not buy gems from the general shop and wait for “deals” to come through. Some of us have alot to spend and simply dont because deals are not sufficient enough. When they do come through, you put a limit on them. I personally would have spent alot more on the game by now

About 2 months ago, you had a deal come through with multiple tiers - $100,$30,$5 (I believe you could purchase 1x 100, 2x 30 and 5x5 or something like that)

A way to generate more income from the game is to have these deals daily in a tiered type approach. Having multiple tiers instead of 1 deal every few days which might be out of your spending level which would suit more people
A real world example is I want the 100 deals and i want them more often - last one was about 2 weeks ago.

However…i know i am a slightly rare case and not everyone wants to spend the 100, so having the multi tier helps people of all spending ranges get a deal in their spending range

Help us help you keep the lights on

I really like this idea :slight_smile:


I love this idea. I would buy daily if you had packages available every day.

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I liked the December calendar idea. Maybe a monthly calendar too?

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Wow… you all want this game to go straight to pay 2 win? Nice!


Pretty sure that would mean SGG would lose out in the long run, as the whales and regular spenders put enough money into the game on a regular basis to more than cover those who go for the once-in-a-while packages.

I agree with this. There are all sorts of spenders in the game and the tiered packages offer something for everyone.

That’s a great idea it allows us all to spend more on something we enjoy!! As well as it also profits small Giant to be able to invest in new in game features and offer better free prizes for the non spenders here… thanks for your consideration in this Small Gaint!! Empires and Puzzles has be really enjoyable so far!!!

Great Idea, finally a way to bring new players to the game where they can catch up a bit easier

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I have no objection to a tiered set of offers but rarely, please! Believe it or not, the game has many many f2p and c2p people, including a number on my own alliance. Having expensive offers daily would really put them at a disadvantage. It’s not just “catching up”, if you have joined recently. It is about the increased opportunities for HOTM s that the f2p people struggle with

I really think it’s ironic that people think purchasing offers will help them “Catch up” with players who have been in the game for a very long time. Those people who have been around for a very long time spend money too. They will simply have to spend less to stay ahead than anyone else will have to spend to “Catch Up”.

I don’t think this game is about catching up. I think this game is great on several different levels.

What i don’t understand is the “free” players complain about people paying to get ahead/catchup
What they need to understand… without the paid players, they have no game to play

Free players are not going to take any of the tiered deals, so this “feature” is not for them

This is for the occasional spender all the way up to the high spenders.
This is for these people who can get a deal at will in their spending range instead of waiting days/weeks for the appropriate deal in their range

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