Tier 1 Titan parts didn’t drop

Title says it all. We threw more than enough harpoons to receive Titan parts but I got the shaft. Full disclosure, I wasn’t in the alliance at the time of the titans arrival. Perhaps it has something to do with it.

Do you have screen shots?
Post of the dead titan and the rewards.

Edit yeah you don’t get full rewards if you go into a new alliance and hit the titan. Did your alliance members get loot?

if you not in the alliance you won’t get the titan parts. If you look at the loot, it even says reduce loot, this was to prevent people from going in to join another aliiance just to get parts


Yes, but I am pretty much certain now that I didn’t receive them because I had left the alliance at one point during the fight. The rest of my alliance received their parts.

Yeah, it was a 2+2 in the end. I first got 7 lol

Probably being you left you got less loot! But if if you hit from the start,
I wouldn’t of thought it would as you have come back totally unsure on how the merc system works.
@DaveCozy any info?

If you get reduced loot tier you won’t get titan parts…
There’s a few nuances that give you reduced loot tier and short on time to post link but a quick search should show that…
Smtg like have killed a titan less than 20hrs ago…
Other thing is the titan get killed and you are in the alliance for less than 12 hrs Smtg like this

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Not being present in the alliance when the titan spawns means you will get reduced loot, which does not include titan parts.

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