Tiebreaker warning isn't shown

Tiebreaker’s warning (usually is shown after 30 turns) in raid is missing but actually there is tiebreaker in raid that make me confused

Tiebreaker is based on turn count, not time. I don’t recall the exact number of turns though.

Someone else noticed this…at the top of a raid battle screen it used to say increased damage X%, after a certain amount of time/turns — which increased every turn, until it was over. It still seems to be happening, but not showing at the top.

I see by the linked topic and edited post that this is a real bug. The tiebreaker warning and the message showing how much of an attack boost is active, is missing during raids now

It has changed to a timer - you get a warning that there is 5mins left. I believe that the defender wins if the timer runs out. It’s similar to how the Alliance wars work.

no that’s always been there, it’s different from the attack boosts.

There’s a timer, and a turn count limit. If you go above the turn count limit, it increases attack of all heroes the following turns by 10% each turn. If you go beyond the timer (iirc, it’s 15min) you lose.

Just used Margaret for the first time.

  1. Shows.marjana hitting for 745 at 1:32
  1. Mariana hits for 1319 at 4:33.

No tiebreaker prompt whatsoever. Did get the 5 minutes left prompt


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