Tie in war battle

Dont think the text is right there, when it say defeat. Think victory is better. I got victory point.

(Both teams dead)

In raids or wars, in the event of both sides dying, the win goes to the defender. Their fighting team might be down, but they’re still at home, with their support personnel still alive and kicking to toss the dead attackers out.


But war is not at home. It should not be imo. Should be in an open field.

But if the defender win then I shouldnt get then bonus point.

I kinda have to agree here. For raids the mission is to bring back the loot, such as it is, and dead heroes don’t come back.

For wars the mission is simply to kill the enemy. If both sides die, that mission is still accomplished: a truly heroic victory! Your heroes cannot even fight again in the war, their fate is irrelevant.

But as long as you got the points I suppose it doesn’t really matter.


Whatever the philosophical arguments might be, the rule is that ties go to the defender. That counts for both timeouts and mutual kills. Plan your attacks and defenses accordingly :slightly_smiling_face:

In a mutual kill, you still get points for the damage you do. In a timeout, you get no points.

If anyone would like it to be different, I’d encourage you to see if someone’s proposed such a change in #ideas-feature-requests yet. If so, you can vote and comment on it. If not, then you can propose the idea yourself.


As @Garanwyn said…this is a game with certain rules…not to compare with “beeing at home” or not…we all don’t have a stronghold in real life, don’t we? And I personally lost that way even beeing at home myself in real life :wink::wink::wink:

Did you mean bonus point? Regular damage points is still granted in a tie, just as points still granted even in defeat (as long as we manage to reduce their HP), right?

Nope. Best information I have is that letting time run out in a battle will give you zero points period, even if you killed/injured heroes. My information comes from @princess1 and @General_Confusion. I haven’t personally let time run out on a battle.

My alliance teammate still get points when the time run out.

Perhaps they didn’t get point because the damage they did is healed thus the remaining HP after time run out is larger than before they attacked.

I don’t personally test about the run out time, but I did personally test on healed damage. I put a lot of damage but the healer heal it and I got 0 points after defeat. The next attack I put some damage then flee the battle before their healer use their skill, I got some points for the damage.

If the defender win, even if you killed all the enemies, then I shouldnt have had the bonus point. (Bouns point for victory point)

Thats is kinda not logic in my mind.

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@Olmor, you recently posted a time out…can you remember if you got points for the attack in war?

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If so this is new behavior. When the individual battle timer runs out it used to be no points were granted to the offense. There has been nothing in the release notes for war change log to indicate a change to this.

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What about asking staff? If we had kill some heroes during an individual war battle but we can’t kill all its defending heroes before its battle timer (not war timer) run out, will we still get points for our alliance or will it turn to zero? @Petri

We get point for the hero kills. What i know is we only get a 0 incase we get dc. (disconnected)

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Not sure, if total health of the opponents is lower when timer runs to 0 compared to start of the battle, it is logic to me that you still score some points. The points for the damage you have done (and also would get if you hit the flee button at that time).

We need to keep 2 things seperated in this thread:
1 tie situation where both players are killed at the same moment.
2. timer hits 0 for what reason you can think of, and there are still some opponents standing.

If I read back, I see both are being used :wink:

@Sorsha this was not intended at you, just to keep this thread clear of what we are talking about and not mix up 2 different things :slight_smile:

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For all want to know what happens when time runs out in war battle, please check it here…

No problem. you were right to high-light it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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