Tiburtus or Grimm who is better?

Tiburtus or Grimm who is better? both have same specials but other stats change slightly. Let me know your opinions.

Tibs against yellow and Grimm against red. Overall I would say Grimm

They are virtually the same.
The difference is Grimm has a better attack and HP while Tiburtis has a better defense.

I give the edge to Tiburtis because he is the only regular 4* purple attacker

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I’d say that Grimm is better since there aren’t many blue 4*s to rival him. Triton hits hard but doesn’t have as useful an ability, Kiril is a great healer but fills a completely different role, and Sonya is useful in some circumstances but weaker overall. Meanwhile Tiburtus competes directly with, Merlin, Gafar, and Proteus who all have good damage and very useful abilities.