Tiburtus or Gafar

I have the materials to ascend one of them, but not both. Which is more universally useful? In purple, I currently have Sartana 4/80, Domitia 3/70 waiting for 1 more tabard, Rigard 4/70, Cyprian 4/70, Sabina 1/1 and the sand castle guy at 1/1.

Edit: I also have Grimm 4/70 and Gormek somewhere in the middle of second ascension

Tibertus is more universally useful. Defense debuff is a great special, and that 295% is a big smack. Gafar is stronger situationally, though, with a higher attack stat and a powerful effect. So I’d go Tibertus, Gafar, Sabina, Jabbar.

(Jabbar is a really solid tank, though, so if you need something in that slot, you might consider him first.)

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Thanks. That’s kind of what I was thinking. And by the time I finish Tibs and Domitia, I should have the trap tools for Gafar

Jabbar is sitting on my bench. I didn’t expect him to be a very good offensive hero, though he looked pretty tanky to me, which I didn’t need badly enough to make a priority.

Still, I’m wondering if the 7DD grades for him are a typo or something! He got a B overall on offense and a C overall on defense, including a C as a tank!!??!! I would have expected him as a C offensively and a B defensively, and at least a B grade tank, but I haven’t played him yet.

I’m rather short purple hitters. I have Tiburtus maxed, and I’m currently taking Obakan to 3/70, despite not really loving him, or belief that he’s worth my first set of tabards. I’ve also got Sabina maxed, and am now working on Rigard.

My next purples I could develop are spare Sabina or Cyprian, or Jabbar. I really do want more purple hitters more badly than more healers. Is Jabbar good enough? (Or wait and hope that another Tiburtus pops out of TC20, if not a Sartana!)

Next month is Avalon. Maybe you’ll get Merlin

Yeah, I’d love to get Merlin.

Hope I get lucky, 'cuz I’m pretty much thru spending significant money chasing event heroes (and not getting them; here’s looking at you, Panther!). Probably one event 10-pull. Possibly a second.

I’m not counting on it though. Might come down to leveling up Jabbar for lack of other choices.

That’s where I am too, @BarryWuzHere. One 10x pull for each event, and maybe one more if I really want the HotM.

I was in the same situation with a lack of purple hitters. I had a lot of trap tools so I decided to take him up to 4th ascension. I’ll tell you how I like him in a week or two lol

I have Jabbar at 3^60 and am leveling up Tibs now, but would trade both for a 1^1 Gafar.


Already having a defence debuff I’d go with gafar being to stop guins healing and it sounds like you’re about at the spot youd start running into her alot

Tibertus is still the top 4* general purpose hitter, IMO, because of his armor debuff. Gafar is a close second in my book, and Merlin is a joy to use (but doesn’t hit particularly hard).

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Reviving old thread…
I had the same dilemma.
Finally leveled Gafar to 4.1 since I have already maxed Grimm and Gormek. Still have 4 trap tools to level Tiburtus to 4.1.

And still thinking that Tibs will be useful against yellow titans and tanks to debuff their defenses…

Funny because I had the exact same question yesterday and saw this thread. I also have maxed Grimm and Gormek and I also gave the mats to Gafar!

LOL, what a coincidence.
On purple I have also maxed Sabina+10, Proteus+10 and Rigard+10.
Usually in raids I do 3-2 with Rigard and Sabina as healers-dispellers.

No luck yet for 5* dark.