Tiburtus costume emblem path

I just finished leveling my Tiburtus (but not his costume yet) and started putting emblems on him, and THEN remembered that the optimal path for the costume is often different from the base hero. Oops! But I can’t SEE the costume path on mine yet. Could someone please post a screen shot of the emblem path for costume Tiburtus? That would be very helpful for me.

I generally prioritize attack then defense then health on attack heroes like Tiburtus. I may prioritize health and defense on support heroes like Wu Kong and Wilbur, where my goal is to keep them alive long enough to use their specials. Where the best paths differ between costume and base, I generally pick based on the one I think I’ll use the most often – in this case, costume. [ETA: later have realized I do actually use UNcostmed form much more.] In some cases I could see alternating choices or compromising to find a path that works okay for both.

For ones I had emblemed before I got the costume, I’ll need to decide whether it will be worthwhile to use a reset token or not, assuming the new best path is different from the one already in place. I suppose it will depend on how many nodes would wind up changing, for one thing. (Why spend a reset if most nodes are already as desired, right?) My first hero for whom I got costume after embleming is Sonya, but I believe I will be using Sonya’s un-costumed form most often anyway, for her enemy debuff, so I’ll leave her as is. I can always re-evaluate that if I find I’m using her costumed form more than expected.

Tiburtus costume is a paladin.
So it is the same grid as any other paladin.

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Also, you will not be able to give the costume talents as it is taken from the path used for the initial Hero. Costumes cannot be talented separately from the Hero.

I have been playing with both Tiburtus and his costume for a while now. I personally still use the regular Tiburtus more often. I only use his costume for farming as he can hit all. But for raids, wars, tournaments and titans, I still use the regular version for higher damage. So I still focus on his normal talent path.


Apart from those excellent points above, the standard Ranger pathway would be defense/ health, health/ defense but when translated becomes the Paladin health/ attack, attack health pathway which is also the most desirable. At +6, the stats are (original + bonus) 693, 700, 1221 compared with the costume (+ bonus) 718, 675, 1212. So much the same really but the standard is a bit more sturdy at the expense of a tiny amount of firepower.


Ah, the same as Sonya, then. Thanks. I hadn’t realized the ladders were identical within classes, but it doesn’t surprise me

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I wasn’t sure either I had to check it up before answering you. Now we know :upside_down_face:

I know. You have to talent the base hero and then the same ladder path applies to both. But that means that if you want to apply the talents in such a way as to benefit the costumed version the most, then you need to look at the costume’s ladder and choose your path from there rather than from the base hero’s ladder.

That definitely makes more sense for titans. For wars and such, I guess I’ll have to experiment a bit. I’m generally seeing his defense down as his main benefit, so applying that to the entire enemy team seems better to me. But then, I guess it doesn’t actually matter whether you’ve defense-downed all 5 if you can’t then actually attack and do significant damage to more than a couple of those 5 while their defense is down. So it will depend partly on who he’s being used with.

I wish we could take costumes on and off during battles. It would make sense to be able to do – why not? It should just cost a turn, which would be enough of a cost to make it possibly a mistake sometimes, so it would be a real decision – and it would make the costumes so much more interesting and useful rather than just really being one more hero like all the rest.

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My goal was to take advantage of the ranger talent focusing on attack, and the paladin talent with defense. Works out pretty well actually.

And for good measure here’s the stats:


Can you explain this further? What do you mean by “defense/health, health/defense” and “health/attack, attack/health”?

That was my conclusion as well. If I want to use a Tiburtus version against Titans I’ll prefer the original since he does more damage and the defense down turn duration is superior. As such, if I emblem him I’ll prioritize attack in his regular grid.

The times I’ll be most likely to use his costume are farming, where emblem paths won’t matter at all, and as a defender (since the AI won’t have to aim). In the latter scenario I’m okay with basically whatever path he ends up with as attacking is more important to your score in a raid tournament than defending is. And, as @aer3 notes, Tiburuts Paladin picks up defense and hit points boosts mostly if you max his attack as a Ranger, which may be desirable anyway.


Usa el disfraz así el héroes ataca a los 5 A la vez es muy bueno


If it helps - my 2 CTibs. Almost the same stats.
I took paths to make them as durable as possible as part of setups where i need the defense down to all, so most important for me is to fire at least once


The talent grid where you apply emblems!

That just seems somehow wrong to me. I know @Anchor may have said this and that was follow attack/ defense, attack/ health whenever possible. I just don’t accept that it is always a good thing or even a desirable outcome to be applied as a general rule for all classes. :wink:

In the case of my Tiburtus, I don’t use the costume at all. Haven’t even tried it. I just wanted the stats boost; people seem to think it is small, but it really isn’t. Those 5% are worth almost two +/- full steps on the talent grid each and likewise the 10% health which are also worth around 2 steps but the nice part is the talent grid has a mana bonus 2% (‘well that won’t do anything…’) but combine that with the costumes 5% (making 7%) and then the mana bonus from a 4*mana troop at level 11 (9%) or maybe it is still lvl 17 (11%)? (it isn’t!); that 16% mana boost will make Tiburtus faster and above average!

Here is mine and I like the balance; however you will probably look twice and think is that backwards?

I get the logic of this too. The nice thing is overall their stats aren’t too different, but it’s nice that we get to choose how we allocate them. It would be a lot less interesting if everyone’s emblemed heroes were always the same.

I think I tend to go attack with offensive specials, but ultimately you have to decide which trait of a given hero you value more. Compared to Grimm, Tib’s defense is already a huge improvement and that was the mindset I had going in, lol, so further increasing his defense wasn’t a priority for me.

Huh? What about it?

In the Ranger grid, the first choice you have to make is between attack (left) and health (right). You get defense either way. Your second choice is between defense (left) and attack (right). This time you get health either way. There are 7 choices in all in the whole ladder. How does your “defense/health, health/defense” relate to that? And why is it considered “standard”? Most of what I’ve read so far has indicated that most people consider attack then defense then health to be the “standard” order for prioritizing choices in the ladder for most heroes. I really don’t understand what you’re talking about here, sorry.

To be honest, if you have not heard anyone describe it that way; then I really don’t care. I’ll just move on with my life.

Most people understand the different paths you can take with heroes and most people choose a wavy shape (following a particular combination of stat boosts); symmetrical and pleasing to most. Because, as it happens, the choice of options makes it that way, but if you follow a specific path for a particular outcome (there are actual TOOLS where you can plot this and see your hero stats at any stage) or you can just randomly decide: “this seems a good idea!!!”.

How many people ignore the mana bonus and go with the health, defense or attack option (depending on which class) instead? That is a serious error that will end up costing you an easy 10 million + in food plus hundreds of one and two star feeder troops (even 70 -80 3* troops are not cheap) to take your 4* mana troop to level 17 instead of just level 11. After that you will probably just bite the bullet; de-emblem and start over for a few million instead.

You clearly know it all but maybe someone else might find value in it.

I clearly do NOT know it all. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking you to explain something I don’t know about yet.

Choosing a path just because makes a nice wave shape that’s pleasing to the eye is silly. You can’t be serious about that.

As for the mana bonus, are you taking about node 19? And using that bonus so that you don’t have to level your mana troops as much in order to be able to charge your hero with fewer tiles? Many people might just not care that much about details on that level, or maximizing every little thing. Personally, after my first couple heroes, I’ve stopped the emblems at 18, because the expense of 19 & 20 aren’t worth as much to me as the first few nodes on another hero. Maybe eventually I’ll feel rich enough in the game to do some node 19s, and then the mana bonus will be a relevant question for me.

I’m not an idiot. I know there are spreadsheet tools. I have a master’s in math and undergrad degrees in math and physics with a minor in computer science, and worked as an actuary (read: professional spreadsheet geek) until disability due to Lupus. Hence the nickname Mathochist, from the math. I even have a Mandelbrot Set tattoo.

I put everything in spreadsheets. But I find that the spreadsheet tool in this case is usually more complicated than I need. There’s a choice to make at each ladder branch, and it comes down to choosing which stat I want to prioritize increasing. You don’t need to know exactly what the resulting numbers are going to be to be able to make those decisions. You just need to know what to prioritize over what. You might have different priorities for different heroes, but always, knowing what to prioritize will let you choose correct nodes. Simple rule, easy to remember, no memorizing of anything more complicated.

I have only so far learned enough to differentiate by general type of hero: for attack heroes, prioritize attack, then defense, then health; for support heroes, prioritize keeping them alive with health and defense, then attack. Usually defense over health, but it can depend on which is already stronger. Strengthening what’s already strong is generally preferable. I haven’t come across a reason yet to make different choices based on class or anything else.

I have no idea why you’re getting hostile to me. I didn’t criticize anything you said in any way. I only asked you to explain things you’re saying that I DON’T UNDERSTAND because you’re not explaining them fully!

I haven’t heard of this “standard ranger path” and I can’t for the life of me figure out how your “health/ defense, defense/ health” notation relates to the talent ladder I can see on my ranger. Are you referring to choosing health over defense, and then defense over health? Or are the slashes actually not relevant, and you’re actually referring to a string of four choices, health then defense then defense then health? Or what? I assume your notation is supposed to somehow reflect the first few choices of a preferred path. But I can’t find either of those ideas, or any other I’ve come up with trying to figure this out, reflected in the actual ladder! So I’m at a complete loss.

I have no idea why you would say something and then turn around and become cryptic about it and hostile and refuse to explain what you even mean. WTF, anyway? If you don’t want to be asked about your ideas, then don’t share them in the first place.

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