Tibs and Sonya tank Defense doubt

Because Tibs considered tank “B” table 7dd has Def 633 and Health 1045 Vs. Sonya tank “C” it has Def 731 and Health 1011 and still has armor and shield. I get confused by the information on the cards

he only loses with medium speed

Good Point ! :thinking:
We need an expert and I am thinking of @Razor

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Tibertus special is more impactfull on defence than Sonyas.

But neither is a good tank to be honest, so grading 4* tanks below A becomes a bit “who cares”


Better 4* tank is Kashrek.

Yeah, but the question was about Tib and Sonya.

Then Tib is better. Effecting 3 enemies, more enemy damage and weakens enemy for follow up attacks.

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But its information corresponds to “Effect” in the chart as “B” and Sonya “C” perfect. My doubt is tank position, BT is “B”, Leonidas 5 * “B” Gormek “B” my doubt is rating of Tibs “B” and Sonya “C”. Look for cards in defense and health

Now I’m not quite sure what it is you’re asking.

The grades are a composite of several things.

Like its stats, the hero effect, the color, the counters, the possible synergies with other heros, etc.

Each hero is judged and weighted according to its values as well as subjective opinions of several accomplished players.

So sometimes opinions differ, and there is no definitive answer.

However in this case the definitive answer to the question “Which of these is the better tank?”

is this:

“Tibertus is better than Sonya as a tank, but neither of them is very good”


As Fledoble points out, good tanks need more than just defense and health stats.

The hero in the tank position gets hit a lot more than the rest of the other heroes early in a raid. Because of this it’s likely that their special will be charged and triggered at least once pretty early on. Sonya’s special removes buffs from the enemy team, which may or may not be active early on in a raid. Tiburtus’ special lowers defense of the enemy, which is pretty much always useful regardless of how early in the fight it goes off.

This is why Tibs is better than Sonya. That said, I agree that neither is a great tank.

Someone like Kashrek (who has high defense) is a good tank because he heals and boosts defense, so he can stay alive for a long time. Someone like Colen could be a good tank (even though he has low defense) because his special can be very destructive to the whole defense.


Yeah I wouldn’t claim to be that. However I will chime in :blush:

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Unfortunately Whats on the Cards doesn’t translate to performance in the field. It should, but it doesn’t from my experience. It’s a toss up to me - If you don’t have another hero on your defense that removes buffs from all enemies (or has a similar effect) - you might choose Sonya. If I personally was choosing between the 2 blindly for a front man (center or tank) I would probably go with Tiburtus. It really depends on who else is on your defensive team. I’m tossing in some stats with the 2 side by side along with their counterparts that have the same special just for comparison.


And I will agree that Kash is a much better tank - assuming you have him.


I have BT in the Tank, my doubt was in relation to the data of the cards, I thought that Sonya had a good defense by the information of the card, now I understand concept is based statistics of the players. I always read the grade of heroes to study, so I was in doubt.

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I have 02 Kashrek, I do not like it, I find it easy to defeat it, I use it as a packet bag until all my heroes are ready to fire. I do not see it as a versatile hero

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I want to thank you all for your attention. Thank you friends

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Kash is truly in my opinion ONLY valuable as a TANK on defense (and war defense), otherwise - not to be used.


Probably why I have 2 untouched…


@King_Nothing - same here. At this point my bench is deep enough that I will probably never ascend/level him. He is great on War Defense though.


For sure he is, that is why I am keeping a couple around.

He was actually one of the last 4* I pulled so he started behind the ball. I have Lianna going to 70 now and if I get 2 shields she will be going to 80. I also have 2 more Caedmon that could possibly get leveled as well.

Poor Kash…


I was 03 kash, but I gave Leo 01 food.

I came several times to think about climbing, but seeing right I realized that for me it does not solve. poor kash

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