Tibertus vs Rigard in context. Who Max next

I know that Rigard is overall a better and rounded Hero. I really like him and i want to max him soon .
However . Is It a priority considering my roster and projects?

I have in carpet the following heroes to be ascended at 4/x and maxed .

Little John
And im in doubt between tib and rig

My defense team

My roster

Thanks in advance !

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Rigs will vote for Rigs soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 for Rigard


If you don’t have sonya’s costume, i would max rigard

Tibs at 3/60 can work on titans all the way up to 8*ish if memory serves correctly and guessin by progress you’re probably capped at 8s unless you’re in an alliance with a bunch of members stronger than you

Rigard then tiburtus would be my pick


If you want to live old and have many regrets, max Rigard last.


Yes you are right . We are facing 8* Titans

Thanks bro


He have sonya’s costume, you see it right? But, still you recommend ascend Rigard 1st :smile:

OK, now my turn… IMO Rigard 1st, then Tiburtus.


Thanks . I will try to ascend rig soon.
He is now my Next purple project i have already finished with Sabina


Dam u caught me pre coffee

I looked at 1st sonya, saw no bonus and assumed no costume sonya(mentioned her originally because i was thinkin with maxed sabina already, he could use sonya as a cleanse but then realized his attack teams are probably still rainbow and he’s still filling out depth for wars so no, sonya costume didn’t change my mind)

I can see it didn’t change your analysis and actually i don’t think it will change mine either

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Lol guys . I have recently bought the trap tool offer to Ascend rig and used the gems at Christmas portal when suddenly he showed Up

I now have the three pulverizers and hopefully enough warm capes to Ascend Grimm and triton

@jinbatsu @Rigs

Im still missing 4* yellow like li xiu wu Kong



I would make him your next blue to max

Also i notice you’re leveling 5s, i advise against leveling 5s unless you have all the mats to take them to 80 and even then it’s questionable if you’re still building 4s

5s require 2x mats to reach full potential as 4s, 2x the feeders, 2x the hams, and a lot more time & grinding

Basically for every 1 5* you level, you can max 2 4* and 4* versatility will carry you a long ways, all the way up the titan chain actually and make it easier to complete rare quests & challenge events and even do decent in 4* & 5* weekly tournaments


I dont use Rainbow to attack . Im used to stacking since three stars . Its more that i like that way

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Avid forum reader or did you pick that up on your own?

Forum reading but myself experiencing better results overall . Even in my league i have more winrate stacking than going rainbow


Nice, sounds like you’re on the right track

You have any specific team setups you resort to normally?

Yes Bro i stopped leveling them time ago .
I was advise to do It in my old alliance than come here and learnt It wasnt a good idea

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Good that you figured it out early

I’ve seen some with 10 3/70 5* heroes and no maxed 4s and i dont even know what to tell them at that point

I believe they think that as the Hero is legendary so itd be more powerfull than an epic. However at 3/70 they are not even close of their true power.
I have read some people defending snipers like joon at 3/70 but idk

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I would keep pushing your 4s & 3s unless you get 6 darts a tome and a dblade to take joon to 80 or you run out of heroes to level then no harm in taking him to 70, same with grazul

Grazul is actually a 5* that can function at 3/70 since her survivability at 3/70 is actually better than most 4s at 4/70


@rigs @jinbatsu @Suicide_Bunny (sorry mate for the tags i really consider you opinion)

Acording with my roster you consider Hu tao worth of being in defense team? Hes at 4/60. Only ten level s to be maxed.

Something like that Grimm Boldtusk Hu tao Rigard (here i dont know ) LJ ? Two blues with

If you dont mind helping me id be very grateful

In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes on max with emblems, it would be Rigard 100%